Monday, February 20, 2012

Take me Out to the Ball Game

The weather was gorgeous Sunday.  High 50's/Low 60's with not a cloud in the sky.  Felt great in the sun, and just a bit chilly in the shade.  One thing I knew I didn't want to do Sunday afternoon was be cooped up in the house.  So, we started trying to figure out something to do.  Not much was going on in our surprise there.  We saw online that the Aggies were playing at home, and we immediately knew it was a great day for a baseball game. Couldn't ask for better weather. So, we hurried up and got packed up and headed out the door.  The game was starting in 45 minutes.  Lucky for us, College Station is only 45 minutes from our house so we were only a little late.  I guess all the Aggie fans had the same idea as us because when we showed up they were no longer selling seats in the stands, but lawn seats only.  Besides the grass being damp from all the rain the past few days and the fact that we didn't come with something to sit on and ended up with wet bottoms the lawn seats ended up being perfect.  Lot of space for the little man to do his thing and run around and be silly.  And we were in the sun so it felt great, no need for our jackets. 
We had a great afternoon at the baseball game.  I think we paid the stadium's light bill for the next month with all that we bought while there.  Hot dogs, a hamburger, popcorn, a few sodas, ice cream and bottle of water.  It's not a baseball game without some great concession stand food, and lets face it Dane needs something to keep him entertained after several innings.  The Aggies kicked some Chicago bootay. 
 7-0!! And the pitcher didn't let the other team get ANY hits till the 8th inning, which Kevin says is pretty impressive.  :)  A great ending to a great weekend.  Love Aggie baseball games, gorgeous weather, and quality time with my boys.

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