Thursday, February 2, 2012

A visit from Spiderman

 For Dane's birthday Tuesday I decided to do something fun to surprise him when he got back from school.  I built a spider web upstairs in the hall outside his bedroom.  I can't claim this idea as my own, I stole it from this blog that I enjoy reading.  Anyway, I put his presents in his bedroom, along with a couple balloons that still had air in them from his party, and then started making the web on the door and in the hall.  I might have gotten a bit carried away and had yarn going EVERYWHERE.  

this picture makes my carpet look really bad, guess it's the setting I used on my cell phone.

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On our way home from Dane's school I had told him that he had a couple presents to open, and I fibbed and said I had left the presents on the kitchen table.  I kind of played it up that I hoped that the presents were still there, and that no one had taken them. I might have started telling him that I hoped that Spider Man didn't see them and take them.  He assured me that Spider Man was a good guy, and doesn't steal presents.
Well, the second we walked in the door Dane went running to the table, and immediately got a sad face that his presents were no longer there.  Mean Mommy. Ha
So, we started looking through the house, and I encouraged him to go upstairs.  He got to the top of the stairs and just stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the web.  He was speechless! But after the immediate shock, he exclaimed Spider Man left a web, and dove underneath it and got to his bedroom door in like 2 seconds. He was so fast that I barely got a picture the first time he did it.
I didn't think it through very well when creating the web.  I had so many strands going and not a lot of space between each one, so it made it VERY difficult for me to follow him. He kept saying "just go under it like I did".  Um... I'm trying little man. My rear and every other part of my body got a little tangled in the web and pulled some of the web down from the walls. Fail. :( But, it was only a small section and I had done so many strings that Dane didn't even notice. 
Dane got to his door, and opened it and was very excited to see the presents inside! He was like "Hurry Mommy, they are in here" Loved that this little adventure was exciting for him.
I finally made it through the web, and Dane opened up his presents. He went back and forth from playing in his room to playing out in the web.  But, I was stuck in the bedroom.  I didn't think I would be able to go through it again without breaking it completely down.  

Dane loved it.  He thought it was so much fun, and really cool that Spider man had built a web for him.  He kept saying "Spider Man is so funny, he tricked me" 
After a while, he decided that he needed to be "strong" and yank it all down.  He was very concerned that I was stuck in his room, and too big to go through the web.  So, he pulled every last one off the wall, and was really focused on "saving" me.  Super cute.  I did get some of this on video, but having trouble uploading it to the blog. booo

Anyway, this was a super cute and easy idea to help make Dane's birthday fun! I told you I LOVE birthdays, so anything I can do to make them special I'm all about it. 

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Amanda @ Click. The Good News said...

You are an awesome mom- what a great idea, so simple & so fun! Glad he enjoyed it ;)