Monday, February 6, 2012

wknd in a nutshell

Friday night my friend Tabitha came into town with her little man Gage.  Dane was SUPER pumped to see his BFF.  They got into town pretty late after a long drive from Dallas.  We ended up staying up way past our bedtime just talking and letting the boys play.  Unfortunately, I wish the circumstances were better as to why they came into town.  Saturday morning Tabitha and I had to head to Weimar for our dear friend's dad funeral.  Kevin took one for the team and watched both boys so we could go to the funeral.  We had to leave around 8 that morning, and it's about an hour and half drive there and back, so Kevin "entertained" the boys for about 6 hours! Love that he offers to do that kind of stuff without complaining.  They had an absolute blast with each other.  Played well together the whole day, and both threw major meltdowns when it was time for Gage and Tab to head back to Dallas. 
I didn't get any good pics of them, since I wasn't really home with them.  Kevin sent us some cell phone pics throughout the day of the boys being boys just to keep us in the loop.  I think it was mainly for Tab to reassure her Gage was fine.  Kevin gets major props... he even knew to call Tabitha and ask if Gage had any allergies when he was fixing lunch.  He wanted to make sure Gage could have peanut butter.  Tab and I were both impressed that he thought to ask before serving him a big ol peanut butter sandwich! 

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Sunday evening we were invited over to a friend's house to watch the Super Bowl.  It was 3 couples, all with boys the same age.  We had a great time. I really didn't care about the game, but it was good times getting to hang out with other couples and enjoy the evening. We had a big pot of chili with all sorts of toppings.  Us girls pretty much hung out in the kitchen the entire time chit chatting, only breaking to see the Halftime show.  The grown boys didn't move off their spots on the couches. The little boys quietly ran around and pretty much destroyed their house with toys everywhere.  The others also have little girls, but you wouldn't know they were even there... they played nice and quiet in the bedroom.  The boys seriously pulled out every single toy, and had gun fights and ran around the house the entire evening. Dane was in hog heaven playing with the boys. He really had an absolute blast. Thanks Kim for inviting us to hang out for the Super Bowl.  We had a great time, and will have to get the boys together real soon!
Again, no "real" pictures.  Just a couple snaps from my cell.

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