Wednesday, March 14, 2012

6 years!!

We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary Monday.  
Time has really flown by.  
It may seem cliche, but I really can't imagine spending the last 6 years any other way.  
I love our marriage, and the journey we are on together.  
There have been more ups than downs
  more laughter than tears
Our love is stronger than ever before.

This year was a bit more low key.  We had the house to ourselves Monday, and slept in.  After being lazy for most of the morning we went out for a late breakfast. It was nice being able to take our time and eat and hold a conversation without the little man.   We vegged out the rest of the afternoon til it was time to get ready for the evening.  We were so pooped from the weekend.  Before hitting up the rodeo we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.  Not romantic, but we can't go to Houston without eating at Escalantes.  I'll take that any day to a romantic restaurant.  We got to the rodeo in time to watch the events.  It's fun to watch the bull riding and all that.  Then we jammed out to the Zach Brown Band.  It was a great concert and we had a wonderful evening together,  Cheers to 6 years and being together for 86 more years!