Monday, March 5, 2012

Best Funny Ever...

I already put this on facebook, but I have to add this to the blog so I'll never forget what Dane said Saturday morning.  This has to be in the top 5 of the funniest things Dane has said.  Completely cracked me up. 

I walked out of the office and passed the little man.  Out

of nowhere he said "So, what's Kevin doing??" I laughed

and was shocked as I repeated him and said "Kevin???"

He said in the most serious voice

"Yeah, the guy who says he's my daddy"

I busted out laughing. He said it so serious. Like he was a
teenager. I think he may be turning a bit sarcastic like
someone else I live with. We laughed about it off and on all
weekend. He is a riot.

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Christy said...

This is a good one, for sure! Funny little guy.