Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday in Dallas

I'm sitting here with HUGE bags under my eyes, an achy body, and a raspy hoarse voice.  I'm EXHAUSTED and completely worn out.  We are home and we plan on doing absolutely nothing today to recover from our whirlwind of a weekend.  We had a ton of fun on our road trip around Texas, but I'm feeling how old I am, unfortunately.  I can't hang like I used to.

Let's get this wknd recap started, shall we?

We packed up and headed out to Dallas EARLY Saturday morning for our buddy, Gage's bday party. Our car looked like we were moving to a different state.  Our car was filled with bags and backpacks, and pillows and food and entertainment for the little man.  We had a lot planned, and there was going to be a lot of time on the road.  It stormed the entire way to Dallas, which made for a stressful drive.  The weather was UGLY.  Cold and rainy was the forecast for the entire weekend, huge bummer.  We arrived in plenty of time for the party, so I got to hang out with Tabitha for a while before the guests started to arrive.  Gage had a baseball themed party at a bouncy house type place.  All the kids wore their favorite baseball shirt, so of course Dane wore his Aggie baseball shirt.  The decorations were super cute!! Tabitha did such a good job, and had a bunch of stuff that all of us adults remember from our childhood at baseball games like Big League Chew bubble gum and sunflower seeds.  Really cute party, and Dane had a BLAST! It was hard to get many pics of him because he was running 100 mph around with Gage the entire time.  He was sweaty and worn out when it was time to leave.  We had a great time! I was happy I got to hang out with some of my girlfriends that I hadn't seen in a while. Didn't get any pics of us adults. :(
Dane thought it was great that Gage was 4 like him.  He told Gage "You ain't 3 no more, you a big kid like me now".  Amazing that turning from 3 to 4 makes you all grown up.  Another successful round of birthdays! Happy Birthday Gage!

Tabster with her cute Ranger dress and tiny baby bump!
the 2 peas in the pod playing at the blow up baseball tee.  It blew air out of the tee that would keep the ball in the air.  
the big slide.. the boys did this over and over and over again. 

BIG LEAGUE CHEW!!! Remember that??

Air hockey... This was Dane's favorite thing!! He was intrigued with how big the table was, since we have the little table top air hockey game.  

The kids swarmed the table when it was time to sing Happy Birthday.. think they were ready for some cookie cake!

Dane was obsessed with the baseball tee that blew air out of it.  He thought it was hilarious to put it in his face.   

Wish we could have hung out in Dallas for a bit longer, it was a short quick visit.  But, we had a great time regardless.  Next up... our time in San Antonio

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