Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cell Phone Dump

Sitting here watching tv and playing with my phone.  Not much is going on at the moment.  Nothing to really write about... It's been just a normal week, and I'm ready for the weekend.  Anyway, thought I would dump some cell phone pics on here just to keep you folks (aka Dane's grandparents) entertained for a couple days.

So let's start with this... Dane's 1st time eating pop rock candy.  He was shocked that it was popping in his mouth... but he loved it.  He cracked up every time it would tingle his tongue

Little man embarrassed to look at the camera... or maybe just being stubborn. Got his tool belt on with handcuffs hanging from it, a sword on one side, and a wrench on the other side. Whatever works to get those bad guys out of the house.

Ready to swim.  


Booger was out cold! Hate that he has to wake up so early for school

My boys met me by my job this evening to eat dinner.  It was GORGEOUS weather, and we wanted to eat outside.  Quicker for them to come meet me than wait on me to fight traffic to get to them
Crazy how wonderful of a day it turned out to be even though it rained cats and dogs this morning.  
 Nice weather +my boys + Mexican food + eating outside = perfection

I had about a 20 minute lead on Kevin and Dane going home from the restaurant.  They were able to take the HOV lane, and lo and behold... they passed me as I came to a screeching halt due to work traffic

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