Friday, March 2, 2012

I have failed as a parent...

Living with my boys I have learned pretty early on that there are going to be days that I won't approve of what they choose to wear. Ok, who am I kidding, it's most days. :) I did not marry a pretty boy by any means. Which is ok because I am not a pretty boy kind of girl. My favorite look is when Kevin is wearing some worn in jeans that look a bit rough around the edges, a fitted t-shirt and a baseball hat. BUT, at times he needs a little help in the clothing department though. There are days I have had to step in and say I will absolutely not be seen in public with you like that, and other days just have to bite my tongue and roll my eyes.  I'm not going to talk about how certain clothing items have come up "missing", because I have despised them so much.  hehe  Kevin has gotten way better with getting rid of clothes that are ancient.  We have a joke about a shirt that he used  to have that he refused to throw away.  It was a shirt that I HATED!!!! Oh my lord.  Y'all it was from County Seat. Does anyone remember that store???? I shopped there when I was in JR High and it's been out of business for probably 20 years.  I would tell Kevin "It is time to let it go".  He held onto that thing for an eternity. I think he might have done it out of spite.  HA No, not my sweet husband.  But, finally the heavens opened up and the angels sang and he FINALLY let go of the shirt. 
Kevin gets Dane ready in the mornings for his school, and there have been many times I get off work and think or voice "What were you thinking putting that together and sending him to school like that".  I hope that Dane's teachers know that he isn't homeless and we can afford to buy him clothes that fit.  But, that's how boys are, I guess.  They just don't care much about what they are wearing.

I still have lots of time to train my little man on what and what not to wear.  Although, the other night I felt like we took several steps back in this fashion process.  Dane wanted to play outside.  He was told to go find his shoes, and he came out like this.  Oh, little man.  It is NEVER acceptable to wear socks with your sandals.  NEVER!!!
We still have some work to do to get him fashionably ready for the world.

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Jennifer said...

LOL... At Kaitlyn Joy's school, they allow the preschoolers to wear sandlas, but socks are mandatory. Which reminds me I really need to buy her a new pair or two.

Have you thought about laying his clothes out at night? I try to make a habit of laying Kj's clothes out each night so there isn't a hunt in the morning. If you did this and the boys approve than Dane would match every day. =)

Christy said...

This is funny!

DeRouen Daily Dish said...

Oh County Seat! I was thinking about that store a while back...those were the days! I understand everything you are saying though...Bryan STILL has shirts from high school...and he has been out of high school for 19 years! He doesn't wear them but why in the world he doesn't part with them is beyond me! LOL!