Tuesday, March 13, 2012

San Antonio

We left Dallas and headed to San Antonio Saturday afternoon.  It was still storming, which made for another fun drive.  Our weekend in San Antonio wasn't looking too promising weather wise.

 We made it about 2 minutes before Dane passed out.  Poor little guy... his new booster seat isn't great for naps.  It doesn't cradle his head like his car seat does.  So he ends up like this, which ends up waking him up and not letting him snooze for too long.

It took FOREVER to get to San Antonio.  Probably because the weather was so bad, and people don't seem to know how to drive when it's raining.  Dane did really good on the drive until the very end.  He watched his movies, played with toys and leapster and only asked us about 10 times if we were there yet.  But, at one point I guess he decided he got bored. The light on our dashboard came on to tell us that we had a door ajar, and we began to hear wind coming from the back seat.  Yes, he decided to open the door on the highway in the pouring rain.  Luckily it was so windy that the door didn't swing open.  So, we had to pull over on a shoulder that was beyond tiny and Kevin had to get out and shut the door.  The child lock on the doors are now employed.  Geez.

We finally made it to San Antonio and we were starving.  My mom, niece and nephew had been there all day and tried to tour the city despite the rain.  We met at their hotel, and then walked over to the River  Walk and ended up at County Line for some BBQ.  YUMMY!!!!!!  I got no pictures from the evening.  We were so tired from the drive, and looking a bit rough.  Dane was so good, I was really proud of him. It was late, he had had a long day with a very short cat nap and we had a long wait at the restaurant, but he did so good.  After eating some really good food, we went back to our hotel rooms to crash.  Dane was super pumped about the hotel room.  I guess it was just something different, so he thought it was really cool to pick a bed and call it his own.
We actually slept in a little bit Sunday, which was really nice.  Think we were all really pooped.  Slept in meaning 8:00.  That's really late for Dane, so I will take that any day.  It was still pretty cloudy when we were getting ready, and chilly but weather channel said that the sun was going to come out.  By the time we left to drive over to Fiesta Texas it was GORGEOUS outside.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Thank you Lord for a beautiful day.  We got there right when they opened.  The kids went off and did some stuff on their own, while Kevin, my mom, Dane and I went and rode some kiddie rides for a little while.

 My mom took Dane to ride a few more rides, so Kevin and I could go ride a couple roller coasters that were near where we were.  We rode a roller coaster, and the line was super short so we decided to ride it again right afterwards.  The ride takes off, and right before it was going to go up a incline and do a flip it comes to a complete stop.  Yes, the roller coaster had a malfunction WHILE WE WERE ON IT!!!!!! OMG!!! Over the loud speaker the workers immediately started saying "You are safe, stay in your seats You are safe" pretty funny.  We weren't that high off the ground so no one was panicking.  But, we did have to sit there for a few minutes to wait on the maintenance men to come push us back to the exit.  So, we took advantage and made it into a photo op.
This is our terrified look...We are SOOOO scared

Dane made it til about lunchtime, and then he was done.  Started getting hungry and whiny and wanted to leave the park. It was a lot of walking for the little man, and the rides are so spaced out that by the time we would actually get to the ride he would lose interest.  I think he is still a couple years from really enjoying it.  He enjoyed the kiddie rides, but he was really wanting to ride all the rides he wasn't big enough for.   It had warmed up quite a bit by this point and I was desperate to get rid of my jacket and long sleeve shirt.  Luckily I had thrown a t-shirt last minute in my car, because everything I had packed was for colder weather. So, we went out to the parking lot to get rid of clothing and get Dane situated with his car seat.  Since my mom doesn't ride roller coasters, she was happy to take Dane back to her hotel to get some lunch and piddle around town. Kevin and I met up with JT and Lauren, grabbed some lunch and rode every roller coaster there 2-3 times.  The weather was great, and surprisingly it wasn't too crowded.  We didn't have to wait more than 20 minutes for each ride.  We walked our butts off at the park.  I don't think I have walked that much, ever.  We had so much fun though.   There are some great roller coasters at fiesta.  But, I definitely felt my age.  Feeling pretty beat up by the end of the day.  We were looking pretty rough by the end of it.  We ended up staying til like 7 before heading to the hotel to meet my mom for some dinner.

This picture totally cracks me up.  This was one of the pics that the roller coaster takes and you can view it on a computer screen and decide to pay a million dollars for it.  Well, when the guy showed us our pic I snapped a picture of it with my camera.  The worker quickly took it off the screen and told me that wasn't allowed... but he was too slow. I got a picture, and pretended to erase it.  Is that bad?  I just think this pic is a riot.   Hilarious. 
Dane had so much fun spending the afternoon with his Granny.  They went and got some lunch, watched movies in the hotel room and somehow Dane got a couple new cars out of the deal.  When we met back up with them he was a happy camper.  We were starving and were SOOOO beat.  Can't even tell you how tired I was and how sore I was feeling. We went to a local mexican restaurant and grubbed on some good food. By this point it was pretty late. Dane ended up staying the night with my mom, and Kevin and I headed back to Houston after dinner.  It was a LONG drive back, but we were looking forward to sleeping in for real and having the day to ourselves Monday for our anniversary. It was nice to not roll out of bed til around 9:30. They ended up piddling around San Antonio Monday all day, eating lunch, doing a little shopping and sight seeing before heading back to my house late that afternoon.   Here's some pics from my mom's phone that she sent me throughout the day Monday.  Fun Fun in San Antonio.  A lot of driving over the weekend, but it was all worth it.

Our fun wasn't over with San Antonio... we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary Monday and went to the rodeo to see the Zach Brown Band! Good times!

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Amanda @ Click. The Good News said...

What a fun weekend- I always forget about Fiesta Texas. Glad the weather was good- it was nasty all weekend in Houston. Happy anniversary!