Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Funday

Don't cha love when your weekend doesn't fly by.  I feel like today went by rather slowly, which is a first and I loved every minute of it.  I was able to run errands, piddle at Target, do some laundry, have a water gun fight with the little man, catch up on some tv and I still had time left to just enjoy the day.  Back to the grind tomorrow. Booh!
Kevin did some more yard work... he actually worked his tail off today and is pretty pooped.  He planted some new plants in our front yard.  Looks kind of weird with the one big plant and then all the little ones, but I know once they start growing it's going to look so good.  He put in 3 knock out rose bushes and then some plants that are suppose to be easy to maintain as fillers.  I can't remember what he called them.  One of our knock out bushes is already blooming a little. He said he wasn't done, was going to add some more but not for a few weeks.  

And because I know everyone is living in suspense with what ever happened to Dane's birthday balloon, so here's a quick update on our good friend Lightening. 
He is still with us.  And doing just fine. It's amazing.  He is a true rock star.  He has become just another permanent fixture in Dane's room.  

And you know what else is going on??
Yep it's that time again...
fantasy baseball drafts.  I don't know anything about it other than Kevin has done this with the same group of guys since he was in high school, and it's something he really enjoys doing.  He has 2 drafts... one tonight, and then he is also on a fantasy team with his co-workers and the draft for that one is next wknd.  The other thing I know is that it takes hours, and he locks himself in his office with music and all his stats while staring at his dinosaur computer.  I do my best to keep the little man out of his hair so he can focus on getting the team mates he wants. Ha
And something else that is going on at the moment...
Little man getting distracted with his toys instead of cleaning his playroom like he is suppose to be doing.  
We have to give him one task at a time or he can't seem to focus.  "Ok Dane, go pick up all your cars and put them in the bucket" then when he says he did it and is so excited and proud of himself we throw another one at him. "Ok, go gather up all your super heroes and put them in this container"
And so on... and 100 hrs later after he has played with everything he owns and the room starts to look a bit more put together. 
But, then there are times when we go to put him in his bed and there is a mountain of toys "hiding" under his covers or he has gathered up everything he owns and is in a giant pile in his play tunnel etc. 
Right now I hear him having a conversation with his leg guys... so I'm thinking the cleaning has been put on the back burner! HA 

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