Monday, March 19, 2012

This will DESTROY you

I've said this before, but Dane is all BOY.  And, I don't think he has "learned" to be that way, but I think it's just in his genes.  There's things he does that was never taught to him or encouraged.   For example being obsessed with cars and super heroes and fighting bad guys etc etc aren't something we taught him to like.  It's like the older he gets the more BOY stuff he loves.  His latest obsession is building guns out of legos. Kevin has NEVER made a gun, he taught himself how to make them. First of all he has NO guns here in our house, but he has always pretended different things around the house were guns.  This is just another example how he is ALL BOY, and how I think some behaviors aren't learned.  Vacuum attachments get used a lot, paper towel inserts, baseball bats, and toys that have a long pointy thingies on the end somehow always turns into a "gun" to shoot bad guys that live in our house. Our house is filled with bad guys, just so you know.  
The thing we are working hard with him is to not point the guns at people.  Because he loves to point his "gun" right in your face and say 

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