Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Easter Egg Time!! 
Sunday evening after Dane got up from his nap we died and decorated eggs.  I got a pirate decorating kit that was SO cute this year.  Kevin and I did our annual Easter egg competition.  Have to say that both our eggs turned out really cute.  Had a feeling though after seeing Kevin's that he would get the most votes.  I thought his was very clever and creative.  We made our eggs and then I posted a picture on facebook, and had our friends vote.  
Here's our pirates. 

Mine is the red one, and Kevin decorated the yellow egg. Thought the octopus was what put his on top. 

We both got several votes, but Kevin took the victory this year.  I'll be honest... he deserved it.  I really liked his pirate.  

Dane loved decorating all the rest of the eggs.  He liked the markers that came with the set the most, and really enjoyed drawing smiles and noses on them instead of using the stickers that came with it.  

These 2 are a couple of Dane's eggs that he did all by himself.  He was very adamant about using the gun stickers for one of his pirates.  Go figure. The one above got a hand drawn on smile.  The one below is suppose to be a shark, which I thought turned out pretty cute.  He really enjoyed decorating them without help.

Here's another one of Dane's... so cute.  

After he decorated all of them he played with them for quite a while.  Making them fight and run into each other, and then taking their stickers off and on and giving them different hats and props.  

A fun tradition continues...

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