Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Easter morning I woke up before my boys did at the crack of dawn like I always do on holiday mornings eager to get the day started.  I always have a problem sleeping, thinking I'm going to sleep through the festivities and miss the excitement.  And of course little man does what he always seems to do on holiday mornings and decides that this is the one morning he is actually going to sleep in.  8:00 rolled around and it was still quiet upstairs.  But, we were in no rush since our church service didn't start till 11.  We had plenty of time to enjoy the morning before having to get ready for church.
The Easter Bunny decided to leave his soccer basket outside his bed room door and leave a couple eggs around it and one down the hall thinking he would know he had visited and had hid the rest of the eggs and his basket filled with goodies.  But, instead Dane was a little confused, came down stairs wanting to know why his soccer basket was in the hall.  After we told him that we thought maybe the Bunny had left it out he still seemed confused why the bunny had left his old basket with nothing in it.  But, once he understood that the Bunny left the soccer basket for him to use to gather the eggs and his real basket was hidden the fun began.  He ran back upstairs grabbed his basket and started running looking for eggs.  He was super duper excited.  He ended up finding his basket of goodies way before he found all the eggs.  We thought we had hid the basket pretty good, but he outsmarted us quick.  Dane was so excited when he found the basket.  And he LOVED everything in it.  He told us  "The Easter Bunny was really nice to me" over and over and then would say oh "I like all my new stuff so much".  So sweet.  His basket had couple lego books which we have found is a HUGE hit, a new Curious George book with multiple stories in it.  We have one that we read pretty much every night, so this is a different volume that he loves.  It also had Spiderman domino's, a couple card games, bubbles, a puzzle, side walk chalk, a yo-yo perfect for his age with a retractable string and a new leapster game, bunny fruit snacks and of course a little candy.  With exception to the leapster game and Curious George book the Easter Bunny found everything at the $1 spot in Target and the dollar store.  Gotta love finding cute stuff for nearly free.  The Bunny hid a lot of eggs all over the house filled with lil candy, dollar bills and coins and more fruit snacks.  He loved every minute of it.  He was so cute when he would open up an egg with money.  He felt like he was so rich. 
Before church Kevin made us some yummy Easter pancakes.  We got in our Sunday best and headed off to hear a great Easter service. Dane said some cute things that melted my heart.  We were talking to him about what Easter really means.  We were telling him how Jesus died on the cross for us.  And we asked him where Jesus lives.  Dane said in the most matter of fact way "Jesus lives in my heart, but he can't die once he lives there. He lives there forever".  Oh my goodness. Talk about turning to mush. Church was great! It was such a great service with wonderful songs.  He has risen indeed!
After church we went to La Madeleine for lunch! So yummy!! And then just played with Dane's new fun stuff and hung out and chilled the rest of the day.  We had such a great Easter wknd!!

Dane's alter ego...the pirate came out for some photos

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