Sunday, April 1, 2012

Game night

We had a fun day Saturday.  We took Dane to Chuck E Cheese that morning to use our bag of tokens that we had left over from his birthday party.  Of course, he was excited to find out we were going there, and had a blast while there.  We got there pretty early before they got busy, and played till we ran out of tokens.  I might have played ski ball about 50 times, and Kevin might have had as much fun playing the basketball game.  Still kids at heart.    

Saturday afternoon the Gonzalez familia came over to hang out with us.  We had SUCH a fun afternoon/evening.  Can not even tell you how excited Dane was to have friends come over to play.  The kids had such a blast.  They played and screamed and laughed and ran around like crazy maniacs.  They ended up outside having a water gun fight, and I think the neighbor's dog might have gotten his fair share of getting squirted by the water as well.  They played their hearts out.  Every toy we own had it's turn.
Kevin grilled us burgers, and then we broke out the Taboo game.  Ah Lawd.  Y'all that game is so much fun, and had us CRACKING UP! Have to admit that I am the Taboo Queen!!! If you ever play this game, you will want me on your team!! just saying.  Ha I think I burned off 100,000 calories from laughing so hard.  We always have so much fun when hanging out.  

Gabe trying to get Kevin to guess the word he was describing.  Hilarious.  Gabe needs some practice!! lol  Oh, and the buzzer... that thing got pushed SO many times.

This picture has me ROLLING.  Gabe being... well, Gabe.  So goofy and always making us laugh.  This is his "I'm so worried my team is going to lose look"
We switched up the teams several times, and I'm pretty sure whatever team Gabe was on was the losing team.  BAAHAAAAA  
Its cool Gabe... not mad at cha.

Kevin - "Gabe, what word are you trying to get me to guess.  I'm so confused???"

"Yeah, I'm not getting it Gabe. What are you talking about"


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