Sunday, April 15, 2012

No Girls Allowed

This was a boys only weekend.  Kevin was a busy bee the past couple days, and I on the other hand spent the weekend mostly relaxing.  
Friday Kevin and Dane went to the Father's/Son preschool adventure.  Kevin said Dane had an absolute blast at the event, and they both had lots to talk about when they got home.  The theme was Planes Trains and Automobiles which is right up Dane's alley.  There was a fire truck, a limo, couple motorcycles and a trackless train that the boys were able to climb on and ride, and then different stations that they could build race cars and planes.  Dane had a lot of fun, and was really excited when he got home to show me all his fun stuff and tell me all about their outing.  He came home with a race car he had made, a wooden plane, a train whistle and the picture of Kevin and him on a motorcycle.  Kevin brought my little point and shoot camera with him, and I was so happy to see that not only did he take pictures for me, but Dane's head was actually in the pictures.  HaHa  There has been times when Kevin is in charge of taking pics and I get the camera and he has taken maybe 2 pics and Dane's head is either cut off or his eyes are closed or it's blurry. :) But, he did really good this time and got some good shots.  I enjoyed having a quiet house for a couple hours Friday night, and being able to lounge and relax.  

Dane with his buddy Mason.  

thought this pic was cute with Dane chilling on the bike like a grown man

Saturday morning we went to Memorial City Mall.  I wanted to go to Express and use my gift card that I got back on Valentine's Day.  Yes... I still haven't used it 2 months later.  And I needed to get Dane some more shorts, since he is growing like a weed. The ones from last year are getting a bit Daisy Duke ish on him if you will.  So, while I went and shopped I left the boys at the gigantic castle/playground so Dane could play.  I had a coupon for Old Navy, and ended up getting Dane $75 worth of clothes for $30.  Now that will make you feel great! Major Score! While I was at Express Kevin would send me pics from his phone of Dane playing.  I was a little shocked when I saw Dane climbing up pretty high like a monkey.  I'm pretty sure if I was the one watching Dane, there's no way I would have let him do that.  Kevin definitely lets him be more of a dare devil than I do.  When I got back to the play ground Dane was a hot sweaty mess.  I'm talking beat red cheeks, and hair soaking wet.  He had played his little heart out, and ran around like a crazy person.  We ended our mall excursion with some ice cream before heading out.

When we got home Dane took a very long nap which was nice.  Then Dane and I spent the afternoon watching movies from the red box and just chilling while Kevin had more guys-only plans.  He went to a thing called Beast Feast, which is basically a bunch of dudes eating their weight in game food.  Kevin said they ate venison, elk, pheasant, sausage, brisket, and ribs and the list goes on and on.  He had a great time hanging out with all the guys, playing washers and horseshoes and he said the food was really really good.  He ate enough where he is good for the next couple of weeks.  He smelled like a bbq pit when he got home.   

This is the only picture that Kevin took, and sent me while he was away.  I guess when in a crowd of men, it's not cool to take pictures. Ha 
But... this pic is pretty classic
 A rake being used to get the sausage off the pit because the fire was so hot to get too close.  A RAKE?? Yes, a rake that is used on the ground to gather leaves was being used to take food off the grill.
 Boys will be boys.  

That's our Fri and Sat in a nutshell.  Kevin had fun spending the weekend with boys, and I enjoyed having a low key weekend and catching up on some DVR shows. 

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