Sunday, April 8, 2012


We hung out in Orange for most of the weekend.  Got there Thursday afternoon, and managed to squeeze in a lot of family time, which was so needed.  It's good to get away from the hustle and bustle of Houston and spend a few days back at home. 
Nothing says a trip to Orange like a dinner at Casa Ole.  Gotta get my Casa Ole fix every time I'm home... I actually got it twice this go round.  I didn't do well with my eating healthy this weekend.  At all. So, gotta get back on that train this week.  Thursday evening we had dinner with the Brack family, along with my mom and niece and nephew.  We had a good time catching up, and eating queso! Everyone came back over to the house after dinner to hang out.  Dane was so funny with Hadley.  He let her play with some of his toys, only to find that his toys end up in her mouth.  At one point after telling her a few times that you don't eat toys, he crossed his arms grabbed his backpack and packed up all the toys that were in front of her.  We all got a big laugh out of it.  We had to reassure him a few times that she was just a baby and it was no big deal if she slobbered on his toys.  He came around and ended up sharing the toys again and being real sweet to her. 

Friday we found time to get Dane a haircut and then went shopping with my mom.  She took Dane and my niece and nephew shopping for Easter.  She had planned on getting the kids new bathing suits for their Easter present.  Somehow, everyone ended up with more than that.  Dane got a cute bathing suit, some goggles for his swim lessons, a lego watch and a star wars toy.  He was a happy camper. We are thankful for his Granny, always doing stuff for others instead of herself.  He is so cute wearing his watch.  He looks at it and tells you in a serious voice what time he thinks it is. 

Friday was my Pappy's birthday, so we had a little cake and ice cream party for him that evening.  My cousin Lindsay baked 2 different types of cake, and we had a cookie cake as well.  When we arrived to his house Dane kept asking why there were no balloons at his party, or why his friends weren't there.  Pretty funny.  
My grandpa who turned 87 got an ipad for his gift from everyone.  An ipad.  How many grandpas do you know who is this high tech??  It's insane.
You know, it still feels really weird that my grandmother isn't here anymore.  Our family has a huge hole in our hearts, and we all still miss her terribly. The dynamic of our family is just so different without her here.  It's already been 6 months since she has left us.  Crazy.  Miss her so much. 

Saturday we met up with Tab and Gage.  We went to Casa ole...again and then ended up at the big Lions Den Park.  The boys had so much fun together.  They were in crazy hyper moods while eating.  Pretty sure the waitress was ready for us to leave by the time we got our check.  Ha! But, We had fun catching up.  The park wore Dane completely out.  He was so sweaty when we finally left, and crashed the second we got on the highway to head back to Houston and slept the entire way home.  We had to get ready for the Easter Bunny's arrival!

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