Monday, April 30, 2012

A Stay-Cation

Last week was a doozie.  
And I have another hard week ahead.  Not looking forward to it.  But, I'm feeling more refreshed and energized after this past weekend.  Kevin and I got to enjoy a wonderful weekend just the two of us.  The beginning of last week we were feeling that we needed a break.  Dane hasn't been really bad, just extremely hyper and chatty and needy.  Our patience level was low, and we were on edge.  There were moments I could have just locked myself in my bathroom for a few hours. Ha
My mom came to the rescue and offered to take Dane for the weekend.  We were/are very appreciative. 
We had ourselves a bit of a vacation...or stay-cation if you will.  

Let's get to the wknd. 
Friday night we had a very impromptu visit from our friend Tamara.  I was on my way home from work when she called and said she was in town to help with a wedding and was kidnapping us for dinner. So, I ran home to change clothes before going for Mexican food.  We all had fun at dinner, and Dane was all about having company.  He is such a flirt, it's unreal.  We hadn't seen Tamara in a long time, but we always just pick up where we left off no matter how long it's been.  

Saturday morning while Kevin had his 1st softball practice of the season Dane and I headed to Baytown to meet my mom.  Dane was super pumped that he was going to Granny's and Poppy's house without us.  We were too! Ha
We started off our kid-free weekend with a lunch date at the movie theater.  It's been forever that we have been to the movies to see an adult movie.  
We saw The Lucky One... total stereotypical chick flick but I enjoyed it.

Dane stayed busy in Orange.  I got sent pics ever so often.  He enjoyed playing outside in their big yard, helping to wash my mom's car, swimming in the pool etc etc.  He had a blast!

Saturday afternoon Cypress had a wine festival/taste of Cypress event that we went to and had so much fun.  There were booths everywhere with different vendors serving their signature wines, and restaurant booths from the Cypress area giving away food samples.  The event was WAY bigger and better than I was expecting.  We enjoyed live music while going to each booth sampling the various wines and grubbing on all the good food from all the local restaurants.  It was insanely windy, and my hair was being whipped around and nearly blowing out of my head.  I was looking a bit crazy from the second I got out of the car.  Thankfully, I had a ponytail and clip to pull all my hair back.  The guys doing the live music were really good.  They sang every kind of song you could think of from Johnny Cash, 70's folk music, and Texas country.  With admission you were able to visit all the booths as many times as you wanted, and were also given a bag full of goodies like coupons to restaurants, and wine type souvenirs. All the food was really good.  Kevin's favorite, which he visited quite often was the booth from Johnny Carino's giving away stuffed mushrooms.  I think my favorite was Road House serving brisket and their famous rolls.  There are a lot of local places in the Cypress area with some really good wine!! I was impressed with how many vendors there were at this festival!!!  It was pretty packed, but they had it spread out that you never felt trapped in a huge crowd. 
This will be an event we attend each year, for sure.  Good Job Cypress!

Kevin has been craving the peppered bacon from Buffalo Grill, so we went there this weekend.  We don't get to go that often now that we live in Cypress.  But, when we lived downtown we ate their quite often.  This is Kevin's favorite breakfast place!!  He LOVES their bacon. So, we had a nice breakfast before heading out for some more weekend fun.  

We wanted a relaxing day, and to get out of Houston since we were kid free.  Ended up in Galveston, and it was the perfect perfect perfect day.  Hung out at The Spot for some lunch and a tropical drink.  We sat outside on their upstairs patio, able to see the beach and enjoy being outside.  They have these big loungy chairs that sits two that we claimed for several hours.  It was so relaxing to be chilling in this big comfy chair, while listening to and watching the waves crash and listening to music. It was nice to be able to just sit there, do nothing, relax, and eat lunch all while spending time together and just have conversations about things other than 4 year old talk.  We really needed some alone time, and being in Galveston made for a wonderful day.  
Would you believe me if I told you at some point while we were lounging I had Kevin go and grab my fleece jacket that was in the back of my car.  It was fairly overcast and really windy, so I was pretty chilly. I'm sure I looked crazy wearing a fleece jacket at the end of April at the beach.  Crazier things have happened, I suppose. 
This weekend was so needed, and ended up being one of the best ones we have had in a long time!! 
Dane really enjoyed being at his Granny and Poppy's house.  I was off today, so met my mom in Baytown to pick Dane up.  He was happy to see me, but sad he had to come back home with me.  He wanted to stay at his Granny's longer.  HA
Thanks Mom for taking Dane for a couple nights!!! Very much appreciate it!!!

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Sarah said...

I've been off of here for months, catching up! YOU, my friend, look beautiful! Please call the next time a wine fest is in town ;)