Monday, April 16, 2012

Constant chatter

This is my life right now.  This commercial is so funny and oh, how I can relate.

Dane is as cute as he can be, but I'm telling you there are days that he can wear you out. He is in a chatter box stage, and seriously NEVER. STOPS. TALKING.  The only time he is somewhat quiet is when he is sleeping, and I can't even say he is quiet then.  He yells out in his sleep and talks a lot.  Sad to say it, but he gets the sleep-talking from me.  I would like to say that his daytime chatter he gets from someone else.  AHEM. He will say the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over again until you answer or repeat what he is saying.  A simple nod of the head or eye contact is not enough for the little man.  Kevin and I get a tad frustrated at times when he repeats the same phrase a million times.  On a positive side- he is so super chatty that he isn't shy with anyone, and can make friends with any kid he comes in contact with. No matter where we are if there are kids around he doesn't know he always seems to make friends with them pretty quick and will start playing with them with no hesitation. He is going to be a very social person, I can already tell.  Not to mention a tad sarcastic, which he gets honestly from Kevin.  No doubt. And I'm sure his little mouth will get him in all kinds of trouble, as he gets older.  I have a feeling he will be that kid who is loved by his teachers and knows how to charm them with his giggle and dimples, but will be that same kid who is always in trouble for non-stop talking.  

Anyone want to make bets now?  

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