Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Random Post

I have two more days of work, and then a three day weekend.  Whoop Whoop!
And next week I only have to work 3 days since Memorial Day luckily fell on a day I was suppose to work and we get the holiday off.  So, short week next week, and I get to see my little wittle cousin graduate high school! Shout Out Haley! 
I just gotta get through the next two days. I think I can I think I can.

Not much going on in our neck of the woods.  Same ol Same ol.  
Let's do a instagram/cell phone photo dump, shall we?

Our plants are FINALLY starting to bloom and look pretty.  We have been worried about our knockout rose bushes because they were looking a bit sickly.  But in the past couple weeks all of the plants started getting flowers on them and looking healthier.  "We" or shall I say Kevin still needs to add a couple more plants especially in the corner that you see.  But, it's looking good, looking good. 
Dane is doing really good in swimming.  He is really getting better at using his arms during strokes, and can hold his breath under the water for a crazy amount of time. He still loves swimming so much, and is always so happy to go to his lessons every week.  You would think there would be days that he would prefer to do something else, but it's never the case.  He loves going, and I have to say we leave each week feeling more and more impressed.  I wish he was able to go more than his one time a week maintenance class so he can learn skills faster, but it's doing the trick for now so we are sticking with it.  I plan on getting some pictures and videos of him swimming this summer at our pool.  It's hard to get it at his lessons bc his class swims across from the viewing glass.
Dane's teacher at his school gave us a list of sight words that they are starting to work on at his school, and want us to work on them with him at home.  I can't believe that he is already to the age to be in the beginning stages of reading.  He still has a year before going to kindergarten, but times have changed my friends.  Kids are expected to know more going into kindergarten like recognizing sight words.  It's overwhelming, but I have so many teacher friends that have given us ideas how to get started.  We just got this list a couple days ago, so we haven't dived head first in yet.  This summer we are going to really try to start focusing on it, and finding ways to help him learn words. He is getting so big.  It's crazy.
My sweet sweet boy.  
My friend Tabitha sent me the recipe to make Casa Ole's Queso Dip!!!! 
Do you know how excited this makes me????  I mean I'm so stoked, bc Casa Ole has the best queso EVER! I'm sure everyone who did not grow up in Orange would disagree, but I love it love it LOVE IT.

So...... I have a hair appointment Friday afternoon, and I'm like 98% sure that I'm getting a cut like this.  
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of my hair, and desperately needing a new style.  It's short... but my hair is just so yuck right now.  And, my hair grows so fast that if I hate it it won't take to long to grow it out.  I'm nervous... 
But, pretty sure I'm taking the plunge!
Kevin has seen it and thinks I should go for it, so unless I totally chicken out Friday come Sat my hair will hopefully look like this. 

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