Sunday, May 13, 2012

Family Getaway

Friday I skipped out of work at noon, and headed to Galveston for some fun in the sun with my mom, aunt and cousin.  The goal of the weekend was to do nothing but hang out and relax.  It was a stress free and very casual couple of days with no agenda in mind.  It's the first mother's day without my grandma, so thought it would be nice for us to spend part of the weekend together.  
We had a great time.  We ate at some good restaurants on the sea wall, hung out by the pool, ate a lot of ice cream, saw a movie, got to sleep in Saturday, and relaxed at the hotel.  I enjoyed it, and think we need to start doing these little get aways more often.  

I didn't take too many pics... these are all from my cell phone. 

We started off like this at the pool... but the water was freezing so none of us got in.  So, we just chilled on the chairs and relaxed and listened to the beach waves, the waterfall that was in the pool and the live music that was being played at the hotel.  But, as the sun moved behind clouds we ended up like the picture below... relaxing but covered up with towels.  It gets chilly on the beach.  

 Lindsay and my mom
The family
Me and My Aunt Darla
 at the movies... we saw 5 Year Engagement
DO NOT recommend it... it's got a lot of vulgar parts to it, and it's just weird

We left Saturday evening to head back home. I missed my boys, but I enjoyed spending time with just the girls for a couple days! 

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