Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lazy day with super heroes

Dane let me sleep till 7 this morning.  I was very grateful. I could have slept several more hours, but I'll take 7:00.  It was a lazy day, which was needed.  We watched a movie that was on tv first thing this morning cuddled up in my bed. I love days like today.  And I love when I get Wednesdays breaks up the week.
We spent most of the day fighting bad guys. Our house was full of them today.  
I think they were all killed or captured.  Many guns were made with legos, and many costumes were worn.
Batman made a visit today during lunch and even said the blessing.  He is super cute when he says the blessing.  He won't let us forget, it's a requirement before we eat.

Storm troopers also made an appearance today.  

And when I acted surprised to see him and acknowledged him as the storm trooper's name the hat came off and Dane made sure I knew that he was Dane, and that he wasn't really a storm trooper.  I love that he is still so innocent and easily entertained. 

When it was time to take a nap Dane went down without a fight, and actually acted like he was WANTING a nap.  That never happens. But, I was thankful I would have some time to relax.  
I ended up taking a nap...which if you know me you know I don't take naps.  But the eyes were so heavy.
And then an hour passed and it was still silent. 
Then two hours passed and the house was still quiet. Three hours later and Dane was still asleep.  
Guess he was feeling as worn out as I've been feeling.  I had time to take a nap, clean up the downstairs, run 3 miles on the treadmill, catch up on some recorded tv and take a shower. 
I finally went into his room around 4:15 because I didn't want him to have trouble going to sleep tonight. 
It took me a while to actually wake him. Out cold!

And we are laying in bed now watching cartoons waiting for his bedtime.  Good lazy day. And I loved every minute of it.

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