Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A whole lot of nothing

Not a whole lot going on around here.  Same ol Same ol.
Here's a random list of this and that.

-I'm off tomorrow, and Dane and I will probably just take it easy.  I need to do some serious laundry, and we have a couple errands to run, and we may just end the day playing in the sprinklers. But, we'll see. 

-Dane only has a couple more weeks left of his school, and then he will be out for the summer.  This next school year will be his last year of pre-school before he starts kindergarten.  Can you believe that?

-The other day we were driving behind a big 18 wheeler, when Dane started shouting that the truck had his name on it.  It did!!! I couldn't believe that he actually saw it because the letters weren't that big.  It was one of those Great Dane trucks, which I think is a hauling company.  He thought that was just the coolest thing ever.  I think it's so neat that he is starting to recognize letters.  

-So this past Friday morning I was down 18lbs all from counting calories and running on the treadmill. I had run pretty much every single day for a few weeks.  Mother's Day wknd I fell off my healthy train though.  Splurged a lot over the weekend, and didn't run for a few days. So, haven't weighed since then because I don't want to know how much damage I did over the weekend.  But, I'm back on track!! I think it was good to have a little break though.  I've been running 3 miles for a little while, but today I was able to go to 3 1/2.  I---was---run-ning

- it's really hot already here.  Our pool doesn't open up til memorial day which is a huge bummer.  Really all I want to do right now is get on a pool raft and just float.  This is when having a pool in your backyard would come in handy.  

-Friday Kevin picked up Dane from school dressed like this...
I'm still not really clear why he was dressed like a pirate.  You know, Kevin isn't always good with the details. HaHa And Sophie wasn't at school that day, so I wasn't able to ask my go-to person (Christy) what was up with the pirate gear.  Arrrg!

- I've joined instagram.  I've been wanting to ever since I got my phone, but it kept telling me "coming soon" for Droids.  And, it's finally here! So all you peeps with a smart phone... look me up.  jaynewittschen is my user name. 

- Dane likes to play go- fish.  That's what we did this evening.  

- and look at my little pawpaw relaxing in his underwear.  hilarious.  I came home from work today to find him in no clothes.  No telling why.  He's such a riot.

- Dane's class picture.  For the record I am not the one who got him ready this day.  And I am not the one who did not fix his hair.  Just saying.  He has a weird smirk on his face, and it kind of looks like he doesn't have on pants.  :)

And that pretty much sums it up.

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