Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Birthday

Sunday was my birthday. I was really looking forward to our get away, but by no means looking forward to turning another year older. I feel like I just had a birthday a couple months ago.  The older I get the faster life seems to pass me by. I'm 32 now. Still feel like I should be in my twenties. :( This year was Kevin's 8th birthday to celebrate with me.  I figured that number out recently, and was shocked that we have been together long enough to celebrate 8 of my birthdays.  We had only been seeing each other about a week when I turned 25.  The sad thing is I was really bummed that year to turn 25.  Man, oh man I wish I could go back to the good ol number of 25.  

All I wanted for my birthday was to get away for a couple nights and go to a place that had a great pool and lazy river and throw in a nice restaurant for my birthday dinner. I just wanted to relax by a pool.  So, that's what we did.  We picked Lau'Berge in Lake Charles since it's only 30 minutes from Orange and would be super convenient to drop Dane off at his Granny's before heading out, but it's such a nice resort that we knew it would still feel like a little mini vacation while being there.  Lau'Berge is really known for it's casino, but Kevin nor I like to gamble and neither of us had any desire to even step foot in the casino area while we were there.  I'd rather throw away money at like a clothing store. Ha  We took full advantage of the pool and lazy river though.  Basically, we spent the entire day Sunday and Monday relaxing pool side. 
We left Sunday morning pretty early and arrived in Lake Charles about 9:30.  It was too early to check into our room, but we were given a pool pass until our room was ready.  So, we set out to the pool and lazy river and spent the entire day floating and relaxing.  We took a little break around lunchtime and ate at the poolside grill, and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the lazy river before getting ready for dinner.  We had dinner by candle light at a wine bar called Embers.   It was fabulous.  I had the best Filet Mignon I think I have ever eaten.  We enjoyed a nice romantic dinner with wine and it was finished by the waiter bringing over a birthday dessert with happy birthday written in chocolate.  Very sweet.  Literally. Kevin surprised me with some beautiful earrings.  I had told him that our getaway was my birthday present, but he decided to throw in something extra.  I was really surprised when I saw them. My birthday couldn't have been more of a perfect day.  From the beginning to end it was such a great day.  It def made turning 32 a little easier.

Monday we started off the day with leaving the resort and getting chick fil-a for breakfast.  Yummy! Then we headed back for some more fun in the sun. It was like "same song, different verse".  Another relaxing day, another nap by the pool, more floating around the lazy river, lunch once again at the pool grill, more sunscreen, more pictures with the throw away water camera, more time in the hot tub, few more blue Hawaiian tropical drinks, and another day to ourselves.  Dinner was more low key the second night, we toured the resort, had some really good ice cream, and saw a gigantic gummy bear and we ended the night back in our room pretty early watching Bachelorette.  Another relaxing day.

All these pics are either from my cell phone or the cheap disposable water camera except for a couple of us at dinner.  I didn't bring my fancy camera to the pool, was too scared it would get stolen or wet. And, it's really hard to get people to take pictures of us with it... people either shy away from it when they see it, or they attempt to use it and the picture comes out blurry or whatever.  

Anyway, picture overload ahead though... 

It was so nice having 2 FULL days and nights alone.  I really feel like we both needed a little get away.  We had the best time, and I was really sad that it was over. Thank you MOM for watching Dane!! We really appreciate it!! I did miss my little booger, even though I'm sure we missed him more than he missed us.  He always has fun when with his grandparents.  
A Fabulous fabulous fabulous getaway. And Birthday.

And how funny is this sign that was in our hotel room to put on the door so house keeping wouldn't come in.   

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