Thursday, June 14, 2012


I saw this survey on a blog I read, and I'm sitting here bored watching Dane play Mario on the Wii, so what the heck.  Here it goes:

Current book(s) - I wish I had the time to read a good book.  Not much free time after working a full time job, and being a full time mother/wife.

Current playlist-  I'm actually listening to Blue October as I type.  But, it's usually whatever Kevin has playing...He's the music man 

Current color - I'm digging yellow lately

Current food-  Low Calorie meals

Current favorite show(s) - Mrs Eastwood and company 

Current needs - motivation 

Current banes of my existence - my job

Current #1 blessing - a helpful supportive hubby

Current indulgence - reality tv

Current outfit - scrub pants, Kevin's t-shirt, a hoodie jacket and fuzzy socks.  looking cute. 

Current excitement- girls wknd coming up 

Current mood - Exhausted

Current wishlist item - shopping spree 

Current favorite product(s) - Chick Fila un-sweet iced tea with 4 sweet n lows

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