Saturday, June 2, 2012

An Instagram-filled wknd

So, we are laid back and straight chillin' right now.  Dane is laying next to me in my bed and we are watching cartoons together while Kevin is watching something on the big tv in the other room.  I'm assuming he is either watching sports or the history channel.  Just a guess, but too lazy to get up and verify.  Crazy Saturday night!! Ha  
It's been a low key weekend so far.  Here's a dump of my latest instagram photos....  And for those who don't understand what instagram is it's just an app on smart phones that you can store and edit your cell phone pics and then share them with friends.  Nothing fancy... but it does make cell phone pics a little cuter when you don't have your mom camera out.  

So, this is who I woke up too Thursday morning.
I mean, I didn't realize that at 6:00 AM we had construction needing to be done in our house.  
Seriously... a construction worker tapping you on the shoulder  at 6 AM demanding chocolate milk is no bueno. 
It's like Dude.. your killing me

I dropped Dane off at his school and then headed to Orange Thursday... this is what the sky looked like shortly before monsooning during my drive.  It was raining so hard that my wind shield wipers did absolutely nothing.  At one point I couldn't see the road at all, and was barely going 20 mph.  Scary drive... then as the weather started to clear up and I was about 10 minutes from my house in Orange I heard on the radio that a tornado had been spotted in Bridge City... which is like 10 minutes from Orange.  Nice. 

Y'all look at these little foot thingies on Hadley.  So cute.  My cousin Lindsay made them.  This picture does not do them justice, at all... blaming it on my cell phone.  But, oh my goodness the cutest thing ever!!!!  So cute for babies who don't walk yet.. a little decorative foot thingy that isn't a shoe.  So cute. And I know I'm doing a horrible job at explaining it.  

Little Miss Hadley... she was a complete ANGEL during the graduation ceremony.  Not even a peep!! Lindsay is SOOOO talented.  She made her entire outfit including her foot thingies, her dress, her bow...everything.  Hadley has no choice but to be a GIRLIE girl! HaHa
 But, I know who to call when if I have girl... I want that dress Lindsay!!!

I ordered some sight word tales books, and they came in the mail this wknd.  I had a couple teacher friends recommend these books to help with teaching beginning stages of reading, and I found them on ebay for $5 for 8 of them.  They are kind of expensive when ordering them new, so really excited that I found some used ones for nearly nothing.  Since Dane won't be going to school this summer I don't want him to fall behind with learning sight words. So, hoping to teach a little this summer.  Crazy. 

Friday was Dane's last day of school for this year.   I had told Kevin earlier in the week to make sure to take a picture of him when he dropped him off on Friday, but since I was in Orange I had my fancy camera with me.  And my little point and shoot camera just happened to be in my purse as well leaving Kevin no choice but to take a pic with his cell phone of Dane's last day of school. I'm happy that my love remembered to take one when he dropped him off.  I have to be honest and say that when I saw that Kevin had texted me this picture I smiled, and thought how lucky I am to have Kevin as Dane's daddy.  He really is such a great hands on dad.  I forget that and take that for granted sometimes.  
 Of course, Dane gave him the most fake smile he could.  So, this picture is not great, and it's even a bit awkward bc of Dane's smile but it is what it is.... Dane's last day of school for this year.  He has one more year of pre-school, and then he goes to kindergarten.  Still so crazy to wrap my brain around.  

So.... my Friday sucked.  No way to sugar coat it. From the second I got to work till I went to sleep that night.   It was a day from the down below.  I got up super early that morning and drove from Orange to work which would have been totally fine, but I got to work and our machine was having issues.  And what started out as us running a little behind and having machine issues went to our machine never working the entire day, having to deal with patients that weren't too happy, to having our manager be... well, his typical self... to coming to the conclusion that we would be scheduling patients for ANOTHER Saturday, and the day goes on and on.  UGGGGHHHH 5:30 took forever to arrive.   But, I finally got off of work...

So, Im driving down HWY290 going like 20 mph because I'm in typical bumper to bumper traffic, totally ready to be home, when I hear this crazy insane loud noise.  I look in my rear view mirror, and see nothing so I keep driving.  A couple seconds after the noise a truck full of construction workers pull up next to me and all the guys that were riding in the truck start staring at me and pointing at my car.   To be honest, I just wasn't feeling it.  I can clearly remember saying to myself but actually OUT LOUD "um, what are you looking at"???
And... I might just have said "Um... you don't know me... you want too, but you can't"
Ok, Ok, Ok... total inside joke for my girls. You know who you are. 
 But, I'm pretty sure that I gave them the look that they were annoying and for them to quit looking at me.  I kept driving. But, as I slowly made my way down 290 my steering wheel started feeling weird, and there was a sound that I don't know how to explain that wouldn't go away.  I turned off my radio. My air. But the noise was still there. 
And then it hit me... 
Oh My Word... I think I had a blow out.  Panic started to sink in.  But, there was no way to really know.  No way, I could just pull over... I mean it's Houston work traffic and us Houstonians aren't the best gracious drivers.  Just saying.   I started making my way over to the far right lane.. In bumper to bumper traffic, mind you.  I called Kevin and told him that I thought I "maybe" had a flat tire. Of course, I could totally hear his anxiousness in his voice.  Luckily, there was an exit not even 5 yards away while talking to him that I was able to put on my hazards and go as slow as my car could go down the exit ramp.  I was able to get off the HWY and pull into a gas station which is a HUGE blessing.  So, I told Kevin not to stress, to take his time, I was in a safe spot off the hwy.  
I got out... and sure enough... major flat tire.  

Kevin and Dane came to the rescue.  I'm thankful that I have a husband who is handy, and who is able to do these kind of things.  I know that is cheesy, but it's so true. Another thing I take for granted.   I don't have a husband who hires people to do things for him that he can figure out on his own.  He knows how to do these type of things himself and I'm really thankful. I really am.  And, I'm thankful that Kevin has PARENTS that taught him these kind of things when he was younger!! Thank you Barry for teaching him how to change a tire.  I know it's a simple thing, but Kevin had the tire changed in no time.  And, evidently my four runner isn't an easy car to get the tire off.  Who knew? 

Just a funny... I had told Kevin while he was on the road that I was in a safe spot, to take his time but that I might die from starvation while I waited on him to get through the work traffic. HAHA My girl Christy just happened to text me to make sure I was ok, and I mentioned to her exactly what I had said to Kevin and she was like "Hello, get a snack" so funny.  Why I hadn't thought that I was at a GAS STATION, and could easily go grab a snack is beyond me.  SOOO FUNNY!!! I mean it's not like I was really starving... but it had been a long day and I was ready for some dinner.
Once my boys arrived Dane grew inpatient pretty quickly. So, I took Christy's advice and took Dane inside to buy some snacks while we waited for the tire to be changed.  Just for the record... I bought Kevin a drink too.  :)

Dane and I hung out in Kevin's truck while he changed my tire.  We turned up the music and had a little dance party while we waited.   

Dane was officially "DONE" after about 10 minutes of being there.  HA

My bad day didn't end there... I stopped at Gringo's to get some good ol fashion Mexican to-go.  
I waited FOREVER! Like a small eternity.
I noticed there was a to-go bag sitting on the counter for probably 10 mins if not more.  After several minutes I finally asked what was going on with our food. Oh, it was the food that had been sitting there for a LONG time.  Got home to find that that they forgot our chips... Kevin had to go back and get out chips, and then we get home and our order was wrong and missing stuff.  SIGH!! I just wanted Friday to be over!! Longest day EVER!

We have pretty much chilled all day.  
Went to the pool today, and enjoyed the water and sun. 

Here is the pool during "ADULT SWIM".  Still don't get the concept.  
But, we have figured out now when it is and try to get there right as it is ending.  And I pack fun snacks now that helps with the pain of adult swim for Dane.  Fruit roll ups are special treats when the life guard blows the whistle.  And... now he knows how to look at the clock. When the big hand gets to the 12 be looking for the lifeguard to blow the whistle to get back in the water, so it's like a little game for him.  Poor thing though stares at the clock for 15 minutes!! lol

 And I realized today that his swim shirts from previous years are no longer acceptable... once wet his belly hangs out.  White trash anyone?  So, on my to-do list.. get more swim shirts ASAP. 
Those things are life savers... his back, shoulders and stomach never gets burned with them on.  

How sweet does he look concentrating on coloring????

We ended the evening with some Chinese food, fortune cookies and movies in bed.  


Ioana-Carmen said...

Soooooo chic! Check my blog sweetie and tell me if you wanna follow each others blog! Kisses

DeRouen Daily Dish said...

Girl that tornado was actually in Orange! I was at Kaylee's school for her end of the year party and witnessed it! I think it got all the way to 62 and I-10! It was scary!