Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My "real" camera is on vacation

I've been pretty M.I.A lately.  And that's because I haven't really had much to take pictures of or blog about before Friday.  I've been in kind of a picture slump, and really just too tired to do much. My poor fancy camera hasn't gotten much use lately, and I have been relying on my cell phone to capture moments the last few weeks.  So, I've been lazy I guess you can say with taking pictures, and then once I upload all my cell pictures I'm always disappointed because the quality is never to my liking.   So, bare with me... I'll get my picture taking mojo back eventually.  Until then...instagram photos. 
We had a fantastic long weekend for my birthday, and we just got back in town today.  I spent the last few days in total relaxation mode. I'm sad that my days off have come to an end and it's back to work tomorrow.   
Friday my boys met me at my job, and we left town the second I was able to clock out. We went to Orange for a couple nights and hung out with the family.  Sunday Kevin and I left the little man with his Granny and Poppy and headed out for a little mini vaca/getaway for my birthday. It was fabulous, and just what the doctor ordered.  More on that later...
But first,  let me just throw some random pics from the last week/wknd

Since my boys are out for summer they are able to come meet me for lunch occasionally.
So, Thursday I was really happy to have a lunch date.  We went to Princes for lunch.  I can argue that they possibly might have the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the world.  Dane and I both had one, and we can both agree that they are super good.  That and their milk shakes are top notch.  :)

Dane struggles with putting on his shoes on the correct foot.  Like everyday.  And he is totally cool with them like that too, would go ahead and wear them backwards if I let him.

The other day we were out running errands, and Dane was chatting his little mouth off when in mid sentence it got silent.  Looked back and he was passed out.  Which sucks because this meant this little 5 minute cat nap was his nap.  Once he wakes up there is NO way he will go back to sleep.  Then grouchy pants comes out that evening

My mom loves me... we got to Orange and she had made cheese dip... not just any cheese dip but dip with meat in it... YUMMY.  Best.Thing.Ever
Then she really showed her love and made me her famous chicken spaghetti and chocolate pies for my bday.  So good!
We spent Friday evening vegging out on the couch watching tv drinking homemade margaritas and chatting with the parentals.  Very nice. 

Dane and Sadie have become pretty good buddies.  Well, when it's on Dane's terms.  Dane has a love/hate relationship with Sadie.  One minute he is calling Sadie to come play with him and the other he is screaming at Sadie to get outside and leave him alone.  Poor Sadie, takes it all in stride
Sweetest thing ever... Dane picking flowers for his mommy.  

This was his "I'm so excited take a picture of me" smile

Sadie... she is a bit of a clinger.  ALWAYS right under your feet wanting attention.  I have tripped over her several times because she is literally right under my step.  Sweet dog, but you just can't make eye contact with her bc she will be right there in your lap.
Me and my Pappy.  This was after a frustrating evening... my mom and I spent a few hours looking for a particular key he had lost.  He has about 6000 key chains filled with 1000 keys on each. :) 
I sure do miss my grandma.  I guess it will never get easier without her at her house. 

Dane and Granny "surprised" me with some birthday cookies.  They were super yummy.  And Pretty sure Dane overdosed on about 12 of them. 

Dane played a lot of baseball while in Orange. 

These next few pictures are from a water camera that I had from the weekend, and had to finish up the camera so I could get them developed. Dane played in the little pool this evening.

me spraying him with the hose which was the funniest thing ever!

When we got back into town today Dane and I had a little date at the theater.  We went and saw the movie Madagascar 3, ate popcorn and candy. You would have thought we were going to Disney World.  He was BEYOND excited.  He really enjoyed the movie.  

Next up an overload of pictures from Kevin and my b-day getaway.

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