Thursday, June 7, 2012

Operation Sight Words

We started doing sight words Monday.  Right now all Dane is willing to do is about 10-15 minutes at a time and then he is so over it, which is totally fine. I PROMISE I'm not stressed in the least about Dane learning to read,  I personally think it's crazy that kids are having to learn stuff so much earlier than we did as kids.  Back in my day (how old do I sound) we didn't learn to read till 1st grade.  Kindergarten was a year to prepare you for school that included naps, a lot of crafts, and a lot of recess time.  Times have changed my friends.  But, Kevin has a lot of free time right now, still has a little time till he starts teaching his Concordia University classes this summer so he is able to throw in some sight words throughout the day.  I'm all about him enjoying his summer, but learning a little while out too.

But, just in the last 3 days Dane has surprised me a little.  He is starting to remember the words and recognize them. I had no idea how to teach sight words, and if it would be hard, and how long it takes for kids to learn words etc.  But, he is doing good, and it seems to start clicking after a little bit.  The books that I got seem to be a great way to introduce words.  Each book teaches 4 words, so we let him pick which book he wanted to do first.  We made flash cards with those words, and started showing the flash cards, then making games out of the cards, reading the book, having him help us read the book, doing matching games, etc.  And little by little he starts recognizing those 4 words.  We started a 2nd book today with a 4 new words.  I would say out of the 8 words we have started looking at he knows probably 5 consistently, and then the other 3 he knows at times but still struggles a little.

We are trying to make it fun, and not stress too much over it.  A little a day is better than nothing, and I don't want it to be something he feels forced to do.  But, we are seeing that when he thinks it's a competition between him and I or if he is bribed a little he is willing to "play" the word game for longer.  I just think it's super cute him learning words, and I'm really having a hard time wrapping my brain around how big he is now.  Crazy, I tell you.

I made a video from this evening of us doing sight words.  I do feel like I need to say a disclaimer... at one point in the video he is reading the book.  I don't want it to be deceiving or seem like he can do more than he can.  He is able to read EVERY SINGLE WORD in the book... BUT, the book is very repetitious and says the exact same line on every page except for the last word.  So, he has the line memorized I'm sure, and the picture helps him to know what the last word of each sentence will be.  I do think the repetition, though has helped him learn the 4 words that it is teaching.  Make sense?  I could have done without the disclaimer and make you all think my child is just a baby genius.  :)

Also, I included in the video of him just being silly because I think he is funny and super cute. ... towards the end he noticed I was videoing him, and started being a ham and he quit concentrating on the words.  But, he cracks me up so I wanted to include it.  And for some reason he likes the words cannibal, which I have NO EARTHLY IDEA where he has heard that word. Because I mean who says cannibal??? And then he threw in the B word.  And for the record we don't say we are going to spank your B...ever.  But, the B word has kind of recently become his new word... says it alot for no reason. I think to get a reaction out of us.  And if you are wondering what B word I'm talking about... have no fear just the word Butt... not that big of a deal.  But, not a word we allow him to say.

The video is long... and probably boring to most people besides grandparents.  Don't say I didn't warn you.


robin said...

Very intertaining! He is quite good! As a reader and a ham!

Kody and Corby Brooks said...

So cute! y'all are doing a great job with him. Repetition is the beginning stage of reading even if it is all memorized. That helps build confidence! He is using the picture clues to help him figure out the words which is great! Y'all are definitely ahead of the game, because a lot of kids come into Kindergarten knowing very few sight words if any at all, while some know them all. keep making it fun and like you said don't stress about it! Great job! If you have any other questions let me know.

DeRouen Daily Dish said...

Girl I totally get what you are saying. I've seen the education guidelines change in between my own kids! Jordan learned to read at the end of kindergarten but mostly first grade, Ashton learned in kindergarten, and Kaylee started learning this past year in pre-k! She had flash cards each week! It's crazy! :)