Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wet Wasted Wednesday

I am getting all caught up on my reality tv while my little man plays in his play room.  Kevin is at his softball game, but I have a feeling that he will be getting home early due to it being rained out.  

It's been an interesting day.  It started out a little rough...
tantrums and time outs all before lunch.
D was in rare form...having a bit of a bad morning  (guess what...more instagram photos)

But, after lunch he turned his frown upside down.
We decided to hit up the pool.
You can't go to the pool without making a quick visit to Sonic.

We should have checked the weather before getting Dane all excited about going to the pool. Major fail on our part. It was a little overcast when we left the house, but seemed like the sun was trying to peak through.  So, we really didn't think anything of it.
We got to the pool and it then started looking like this...
Definitely not pool weather. 

The lifeguards had everyone out of the pool when we arrived. 
So, we sat under the cover waiting for the clear. I was really wanting to stay and see if it would pass.  For some reason I was really in the pool mood. 
Kevin didn't feel the same. Ha
 The rule is you have to wait twenty minutes if you hear thunder before people can get in the pool.  And in that 20 minutes if it thunders then the twenty minutes starts over. 
Lightening, obviously is a deal breaker and the pool closes. While we were there it started raining so we decided to not wait, but just to get on home. Bummer. Dane wasn't too happy.  

We got home and I put Kevin to work.  I'm sure he was thrilled!

My kitchen wall FINALLY has things on the wall. Very excited about that

While we were at home the sun started to come out and it looked like it may clear up... 
So, I had the great idea to take Dane back to the pool.  
Major Fail yet again. 
We got to the pool and the clouds rolled back in.  And guess what the lifeguards claimed they had heard thunder about 3 minutes before, so they were on "thunder warning" break.  
I didn't want to disappoint the booger yet again, so while the break was going on I let him play in the splash pad.  He played the duration of the break, and the lifeguards were letting people get in the pool. 
So, we did. 

And then guess what... we were in the pool maybe 3 minutes when...
yep. It thundered! Loud. 

 Oh, well. 
We can just chalk this day up to a weird one.


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