Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1st b-day in Heaven

Today is my grandmother's birthday.  It's the 1st one she is getting to celebrate in Heaven.  She was never one to want anyone to fuss over her or her birthday. Calling her was enough, and 9 times out of 10 you would have to remind her that it was her birthday and how old she was.  She just wasn't the type to want attention, her main focus all day everyday was putting her family first. Usually family would have to talk her into even going out to eat on her special day, but she was just fine with everyone going to eat while she stayed at home and someone bringing her back some leftovers.  But, if you did manage to get her out of the house on her birthday what I remember the most is her request of Casa Ole desserts.  She loved the cinnamon shell filled with ice cream.  My sweet grandmother, always so easy to please, and always thinking about others instead of herself.  Its hard to believe that she is no longer with us.  

Happy Birthday Nannaw!! I hope you are having a relaxing day on your birthday today, just like you would prefer here on Earth.  No fuss, no worries but I hope you are overfilled with joy today and getting to eat an abundance of Casa Ole desserts!! We miss you so much!!!!

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