Monday, July 2, 2012


Dane and I ventured off to Dallas this weekend to visit Tabitha and Gage.  It had been since Gage's birthday that the boys had been together, and Dane had been asking to play with him for a while now.  We left Friday after I got off work, and didn't arrive there till pretty late.  Wasn't my smartest idea leaving in the middle of Houston work traffic, and then still having a 3 1/2- 4 hour trip ahead of us.  Needless to say we were both on edge when we entered Dallas.  But, we got a great night of sleep and were able to start our fun early Saturday morning.  Gage slept till 9:00 that morning... I just don't understand how all my friends ended up with kids who sleep late and are not picky eaters.  HA

While we waited for Gage to wake up Dane tore up played in his playroom.  I don't know what it is about costumes, but Dane is all about them.  Cracks me up. 

We headed over to Tabitha's rec center for some fun in the sun.  It was a pretty neat place with a big kid pool that had a mini water park with slides and buckets dumping water, and big water mushrooms etc.  There was also a deep pool with a diving board, and an area that the kids could jump on lilly pads to cross the pool.  The boys played their hearts out.  Gage is just as much of a water bug as Dane is, so it was fun watching them swim together.  
I wasn't sure if Dane would do the diving board or not, since it was a little higher than the side of the pool that he was used to jumping from, and no one could be in that section of the pool while people were jumping.  But, he didn't even think twice when I showed him the board.  He got immediately excited, and was ready to do it.  And he did it about 1000000 times in a row. Loved every minute of it.  He would jump in the 12 feet of water, usually belly flopping and then swim with his big arms all the way to the side never coming up for air.  It amazes me how long he holds his breath. I was never good at holding my breath for very long.  I had to get a little sneaky with him when I felt like he was getting tired and his swimming looked like it was suffering and not as strong.  I tried telling him he needed a break and he would start whining and continue to want to jump.  So, I had to tell the lifeguard to tell him like it was the guard's idea.  Sure enough when the life guard told him he could come back later, but needed a little break Dane just nodded and said ok with no fight.  haha. 
Gage loved the diving board too, and he is a really good underwater swimmer.  Dane kept telling him that he swims like Aqua Man because Aqua man doesn't use his arms while swimming.  Too funny. 
The boys loved the lilly pads! They did that just as many times as the diving board.  They got pretty fast at them by the end of us being there.  We were there for a few hours before we were all dying from starvation and heat exhaustion.  So, we bribed the boys with pizza from Ci'Ci's.  

The rest of the day was spent at Tabitha's house lounging.  We attempted for the boys to take naps.  Gage slept for a little bit, and Dane pretended to sleep and then I caught him after he had snuck out of his room.  We grilled hamburgers and let the boys play outside till it was time to get cleaned up and watch movies. We gave the boys the option to either have a hamburger or hotdog, and after hearing that Gage wanted a hamburger Dane wanted one too.  I was shocked.  It was the slider size hamburger, and Dane only ate half of it, but the fact that he ate that without a fight I was blown away.  He would normally turn his nose up to a hamburger.  Making progress I guess.
My battery on my camera died, and I had packed an extra thinking it was charged but sadly it was not. :( 
So, I was left using my cell phone the rest of the weekend.  Double sad face. :( :(

Sunday we had lunch at Wendy's.  I had to put this picture that is up above because the toy they got in their kid meals was the craziest thing ever.  Head gear that had a hook on it to pick up these keys it came with.  Hilarious.  And very odd.  Hate to admit this but the toy purposely accidently didn't make it out of Tabitha's car. Oops. Ha. Dane hasn't even noticed that he is missing it, so I really don't feel too bad. 
We went to the aquarium in GrapeVine near Tabitha's house.  Dane liked it for about 5 minutes, and then kind of grew bored with looking at all the fish.  :(  He just wanted to run through the aquarium instead of staying with us.  We had to have a coming to Jesus party in the bathroom there, unfortunately. If you asked him if he had fun at the aquarium he would say "I DID, IT WAS AWESOME".  But, I left there feeling a bit frazzled annoyed and looking more forward to my girls weekend that is happening next Saturday. He was really good the entire trip minus the aquarium, and he and Gage played really well together. They had a blast, and Dane was really sad when it was time for us to leave.  Tabitha and I had a great time catching up.  That afternoon We all drove over to Rockwall to see our friend Ashley.  Her girls had thrown a little impromptu party for her birthday for her family, so we surprised her before heading back to Houston late that afternoon.  My cell was just about dead, so no pictures there.  
Great weekend!! Today I'm off work, so we have been chilling and relaxing.  

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