Friday, July 27, 2012

Fair-well to NY

We were so sad to say Goodbye, but it was time for our NY trip to come to an end.  Our 1st flight was at the crack of dawn Thursday.  We got up at 4:00 AM NY time..for all you Houstonians that's 3:00 for you. Whew! Early.  We flew to Detroit this go round, which meant our 1st flight was SUPER short. Maybe 40 minutes.  Right when the plane got up to it's highest point, they brought out the snack and drink cart, and then it was time to land.  Easy Peasy flight, and Dane didn't have time to misbehave.  We actually brought his booster chair on the plane on the way home like we have always done in the past, and I really think that booger was the reason the flight home was much better than the flights to NY.  On the way there I had thought we didn't need it, and he was old enough to sit still in his chair without it. HA we were so wrong! 
We had a very short layover again, but our gates weren't as far apart.  We got to our gate in plenty of time to find out that our plane was delayed. First we were told our plane was at a different gate, we would just be delayed a few minutes.  Then we were told we had no plane.  Then we were told something was wrong with our plane, so we had to wait for another plane to come save the day. After about 5 different stories the worker just shrugged his shoulders and said he had no idea what was going on, and had no idea how long we would be waiting for this imaginary plane.  Then after about an hour and half everyone that was suppose to be on our flight was switched to a different gate.  We have no idea why, but we all just went with it and walked as a group down to this new gate. Strange. Very strange. But, we finally got out of Detroit.  The flight to Houston was pretty long, about 3 hours.  But, Dane did excellent.  The entire flight he was perfect.  I was SOOO thankful.  And our dvd player came back to life, and all was good. 

The last night in New York we went to the town's county fair.  

We visited all the animals. 

We hung out near the tractors. 
This tractor was GIGANTIC.  Dane fit inside the back wheel.  It made Barry's big ol tractor look like a tri-cycle.

While we were hanging out at the tractors Barry and Jackie slipped away to go "look" at something. Barry came back to meet us and told us to come with him that Jackie had won a prize! We were both like a prize??  Well lo and behold Jackie had won 1st place on a quilt she had made.  We had NO IDEA she had even entered in the contest.  She didn't want to tell anyone in case she didn't place.  We were shocked, but very proud of her quilt and winning 1st place!

Not a great picture of the quilt... it was behind a fence and in plastic so hard to see all the details of it

Dane had a blast on the rides

Grandma had no idea what she was volunteering for with this ride.  It went pretty fast, seemed a bit rough and lasted forever! Dane loved it!!

Then came Dane's favorite part.  I don't even know what you call it.  But, basically he was hooked to a harness and these elastic bands and then he was able to bounce pretty high.  He absolutely loved it.  He was so giddy and excited.  The worker actually let him bounce for a long time.  He had a blast, and it was pretty funny to watch.

And there you have it... our week in New York in a nut shell. Well, 7 posts to be exact.  

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