Saturday, July 21, 2012

Greetings from NY

Well, we are here in New York!!
The weather has been wonderful so far, only getting to high 70's.   Even in the direct sun it feels nothing like it does in Texas.  You can sit outside the entire day and never break a sweat.  It's been a nice break from the humidity we are used to, that's for sure.  

So, we left Thursday from Houston. We left early and flew to Atlanta, had a short layover then flew to NY. Our flight was a bit rough to put it nicely. Probably the roughest flight we have ever had as a family.  Dane talked the entire flight.  Loudly I must add. Did I say the ENTIRE flight? He never stopped long enough to take a breath. I know the people in front of us wanted to jump off the plane.  I know I did.  He was in rare form, our dvd player decided to pick this flight to suddenly not want to work, Dane's leapster game system decided it didn't want to cooperate either. The other forms of entertainment I had packed for him wasn't a huge hit, so he was bored and restless the entire first flight. Dane drove us crazy with the window... we let him sit by the window and it was a HUGE mistake this go round.  He would not stop pulling the shade up and down. It was a ROUGH few hours!

 We had a 30 minute layover in Atlanta.  Meaning from the time we landed to take off 30 minutes.  Which is not a long time considering it takes about that much time for everyone to get their carry ons and get off the plane.  After waiting for a small eternity for people to get off the plane, we started to panic. We might have pushed ourselves through people and elbowed a few... :) We knew we were going to be running to our gate.  Our 2nd gate was no where near where we got off at. Of course, it can't be easy. Atlanta's airport is HUGE, and of course our gates were on opposite sides of the airport.  And we had decided to carry everything on the plane instead of checking our luggage which meant we had a crap load to carry and run with.  Kevin had my carry on suitcase, his duffel bag and a back pack that literally weighed a ton and Dane's booster seat.  I had a carry on bag that I had crammed so much stuff so it was extremely heavy and awkward to hold, Dane's back pack filled to the rim, my purse and I had a 4 year old I was dragging while running.  I'm sure we looked CRAZY!!! We got out at the end of terminal B, ran down a LOOOO-NNNNNNNNGGGGG hall, ran down an escalator, ran down another LOOOOOOO-NNNNNNNNGGGGG hall, had to get on an airport tram to get to where the A terminals were, run up an escalator and down another LOOOOOOOO-NNNNNNNNGGGGG hall to get to our gate.  Basically we got to our gate 20 minutes after they were suppose to have boarded the plane.  As we were getting close we were pretty sure that we weren't going to make it.  We were sweating and so out of breath.  I had a moment while we were running and I was dragging Dane as fast as his little legs would go that I was going to pass out.

So, we get to the gate and here comes the funny part... Picture this: There is a guy in line talking to the airport guy asking questions, we come running up out of breath just about ready to fall to the ground. The gate looks like they have already closed it.  Kevin immediately starts telling the guy that we are suppose to be on this plane.  Asking him a couple times if we can still get on.  The worker completely ignores him.   I mean we are late.  Really late.  The man keeps talking to the worker, and then finally in the most matter of fact way he looks over at Kevin and says "They haven't boarded yet".  I think he thought Kevin was NUTS!!! It was hilarious.  We were both like "What???" Our flight had been delayed by a few minutes, thankfully. The worker never said anything at all.  He just kept talking to the man like Kevin wasn't there panicking. Pretty funny!!  If it hadn't been delayed by a few minutes we wouldn't have made it, and would have been stuck in Atlanta with a crazy 4 year old. Ha
Our 2nd flight was a little better...not much, but we made it without ripping our hair out.  Dane lost his window privileges, which helped a little.  Or maybe I didn't notice the chaos the 2nd flight because I had my ipod in my ears blasting my music.  I was trying to be in my happy place.  HA

looking at all the planes
This picture must be in the beginning... Kevin is still smiling
He had SO much to say...

Someone wasn't happy they got stuck in the middle of the 2nd flight
We were happy to see Barry and Jackie.  And really happy they had wine when we arrived to their house. HaHa
More from NY soon...

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