Monday, July 9, 2012

Gu-rrrls Weekend

I got out of town and hung out with my girls this past weekend.  We had a low key but much needed relaxing weekend in Gruene/San Marcus.  It had been waaaayyy to long.  These girls have been in my life since 1998!!!! Wowzers. Life long friends, love these girls! 
It was very low key, no stress, no agendas.  Just us hanging out.  We ate at the Gristmill in Gruene, and did some shopping at all the cute shops, hung out at the hotel, and enjoyed many laughs.  We were planning on going to Gruene Hall Saturday night to listen to a live band, but as we were standing in line we realized the place may be smokey (not good for Tab being 7 months preggers), and then we decided that we didn't want to pay a cover just to get in there and leave pretty soon afterwards, and that all we really wanted to do was just chill at the hotel.  So, we made it into a slumber party evening instead.  Good times. 
I didn't bring either one of my cameras with me... can you believe that???  I just wanted to enjoy the wknd without having to keep up with my big mom camera.  Shocking I know.   So, all the pictures are from everyone's cell phone pics.  Most are self portraits that one of us would take...which always ended up cutting out somebody.  HA!

Fun weekend!! Wish it wouldn't have gone by soooo fast!! When's the next one girls??

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