Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th

We had a pretty laid back 4th... Nothing too crazy, but everything you would expect to do on the holiday we did.  We hung out at the pool, got some sun, used lots of sunscreen, came home and fired up the grill, ate a big 4th meal, relaxed while Dane napped, went back to the pool, floated on a raft, ate some ice cream, bought some sparklers, vegged out while we waited for dark, laughed our tails off at the people dancing across the street, wondered if the loud insane music hooked to speakers would be played all night, visited with neighbors, ate some homemade salsa,  listened to music, wrote our names with sparklers, sat on the tailgate, watched in awe of the fireworks the neighbors put on, did a few black cats, watched more fireworks, yawned, and watched more fireworks and went to bed, and laid in bed for hours listening to the fireworks that never ended courtesy of  the people across the street. 
And that was the longest sentence ever. HaHa
All in all, despite the insane amount of fireworks that never stopped until my alarm clock went off and made our street look like WW3 had occurred, it was a great day. 
Happy Birthday America!

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