Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just keep Swimming

Dane has been moved up to a new level in swimming.  He is no longer a dolphin, but now he is a swordfish!!  They only graduate to the next level at the end of the month, but his teacher has already started working on new techniques with him the last couple of weeks like diving and back stroke.
We had a scheduling conflict so are having to switch swim teachers. :(
But, I know Dane will do fine with whoever he gets.  
Swordfish BABY! 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Argentina vs Germany

Here's just a little of the footage Kevin got. He videoed the whole time, but I only used a small amount and made it into a few movies so it wouldn't take too long to upload. I wish I was able to upload the entire game, but we would all be twenty years older if waited for it to upload.

Sorry in advance for the annoying screaming you will hear.  :)  There are lots of games going on at the same time, so you will hear insane cheering and screaming from all over.  You could tell we are still a bit of a rookie when it comes to Saturday sports. We were amazed at how many people brought tents for shade, and had shirts made to match their team colors.  One of the parents on our team had a big tent that the kids were able to sit under while they waited their turn, thankfully.  It was very hot...thinking we need to bring an umbrella with us the next time. Dane is #2, incase you can't spot him.  Out of the 6 boys on the team 4 are blonde, and 1 is dirty blonde.  Kevin thought we should have been the Spain team. Ha

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The game where Dane scores...

It's going to be all about soccer for a while.  We are now in full force with soccer games on Saturdays.  
I'm really liking this new league we are in... Fairfield Sports.  Things have just been so much more organized.  

With Dane's age group the games are done with 3 vs 3 kids, which is great.  It gives these 4 year olds more of a chance to get the ball then having 6 on each side.  So, 3 go in for about five minutes, then the other 3 switch out for the next five minutes.  It doesn't sound like a long time, but it's actually plenty of time for their attention spans.  Then they get to take a break before going back in.  Dane seemed to do really well with that.  Also, I think it really helps that Kevin isn't Dane's coach.  Dane is more likely to do everything he is told by the coach when it isn't his dad.  

The game went really well.  Dane had a great game, and even scored his 1st goal!! We were SO excited.  I wasn't expecting it at all, but was shocked and then really excited for him. It actually happened pretty quick into the game. He got several little runs afterwards with the ball, and had a couple close calls with getting the ball into the goal.  At this age they don't really focus on the score, they don't make a big deal out of who ends up winning. Really, you are just focusing on getting the kids to go the right direction with the ball. :) They want the kids to just have fun and want to play.  But... just for the record our team won.  HaHa  We have a couple little dudes on our team that are rock stars, and scored quite a bit.  Pretty cool to watch those two, they are really aggressive and are naturals.  

Dane was really cooperative and tried hard for most of the game.  I was proud of him, and he seemed to really be having fun. We bribed him with a surprise treat if he was good during his game.  Good meaning he gets out there and tries, listens to the coach, has a good attitude etc and not based on his soccer skills.  He only had one quarter (the last one) that he lost interest in playing, but even still was in a good mood but just quit trying to get the ball. I think by that point he was pretty hot and tired. So, we rewarded him with some yogurt from the new Orange Leaf yogurt store, and he got to pick toppings for it.  
Watching four year olds play soccer is hilarious.  They all herd together to get the ball, and even try to get the ball from their own teammates.  Pretty cute, but so entertaining.  
1st game was a success!! Dane had fun, played well and an added bonus Dane kicked the ball into the goal!! 
Team Pep Talk

Warming up

He was "frozen"... a game they play to warm up

Hilarious pose... he was getting "ready" for the other team to kick off 
Go Dane Go!

Look at that footwork lol

Dane's turn to do the side kick from out of bounds  (notice the ball change???)

Getting ready to say "Good Game"  "Good Game" 

4 year old soccer has to be the cutest thing ever!

Tunnel of fun!

Ready.. Huddle up

Video coming soon!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One last Summer Hurrah

 Dane and I had a relaxing day today.  Started off with some homemade canned cinnamon rolls, did some laundry, caught up on some recorded tv then spent a couple hours at the pool.  We had to get one more visit in since it will only be open for a couple more weeks.  
Dane spent the majority of the time practicing his latest skill he has learned... diving. He is still in the learning stage of diving, it's only been 2 weeks that it was introduced. He doesn't quite have the technique down yet, still belly flops about 3 out of 4 times.  But he loves trying and then swimming back to the side. Like LOVES it! 

At our last swimming lesson we were told Dane will be moved up to the next level at the end of the month because he has mastered all the skills in his current level.   I'm curious to see what all he will learn in the new class.  I think his title will be a swordfish, but I could be mistaken.  No words to describe how much the boy loves to swim.  He loves going to his lessons, and I can honestly say that Dane NEVER has any stubborn or strong willed moments when he is at swimming lessons.  It's the ONE thing he ALWAYS wants to do no matter the mood.  He can be hungry, cranky, or sleepy but gets in the water and he is just the happiest boy.  He smiles the entire time he is there, and listens and does EVERYTHING asked of him.  His swim teachers would be shocked if we told them he was one stubborn boy, because they have never seen that side of him, only a compliant little guy who is loving life in the water. If we could just have him live in water for everything else then life would be a piece of cake! Ha  
Sorry I went off on a tangent... 
Anyway, we hung out at the pool today.  Dane dived and dived and dived some more.  Wore that booger out, and he blessed this momma with a 3 hour nap!! It was perfect! 

And how Dane feels during adult swim...

Monday, August 20, 2012

You are my Sunshine...

Guess who is turning the BIG 1???
This sweet thing right here!! Miss Hadley!

Little Miss Priss had a "You are my sunshine" party on Sunday, and it was the cutest thing ever!!! 
Hadley will turn 1 in a couple weeks, and will become a big sister on this coming up Thursday.  Lots of exciting things happening for this cute thing!

We had a great time hanging out in Orange this weekend.  A lot of girl time occurred with us girls in the family the night before and the morning of to get everything ready for the party.  And many cake balls were ingested as well. HaHa Loved every minute of it!! 
 The decorations Lindsay picked out were just the cutest.  I can not believe how much she did being 9 months preggers, and literally days from having her baby! I was def impressed! 

The party was a HUGE success.  Everything turned out great!!  The decorations, the food, the weather, the birthday girl... everything was simply perfect.  Hadley racked up on the gifts... enough where Lindsay won't have to buy any Christmas presents! :)

Miss Hadley~
You have brought so much sunshine into our family! 
Happy 1st birthday pretty girl!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Need a laugh??

The other night we were at Gringo's Mexican Restaurant having dinner.  They have a complimentary ice cream machine.
Dane was finished eating, so while we finished our meal he was given a very big ice cream cone.  
Fast forward about 10 minutes when we were leaving Kevin and I stopped by the ice cream machine, and Dane started asking for more ice cream.  We told him no that he had just had a lot of ice cream, and didn't need anymore. He started to whine a little, and it continued while we walked to our car.  He continued to ask and ask. We let him have a few more bites from ours, but didn't hand over our cones. 
We get Dane buckled into his seat, and Kevin is getting into his seatbelt when Dane says

"Um, Daddy I think you need to let me hold your ice cream cone.  You really need two hands on the wheel to drive".

We both looked at each other and cracked up. We had to applaud him for his effort and manipulation skills.  And then he was handed over the rest of the cone. We gave in to the 4 year old who thought he had outsmarted us.  HA

Friday, August 17, 2012

Last 1st day of pre-school

When asked about Dane's day the teacher had this to say:
"Dane had a good day. He napped for about 15 minutes.  Had a burger for lunch, but didn't eat the pickles, and he colored a snake."

For some reason this struck me as extremely random, but hilarious.