Sunday, August 5, 2012


Little behind on this, but Dane is officially 4 1/2 years old.  July 31st was the big day!
Feels like I was just planning his 4th birthday, and now we are halfway to 5. Can't believe how fast he is growing up.  

I didn't get but a handful of pictures because it started raining, and really Dane wasn't exactly in the picture taking mood.  Oh well.  I wanted to write a post on his latest tidbits, but I'm distracted by the Olympics and my brain isn't working.  So, I'll have to do that soon. 

But, what I can do is tell you some funny/cute things Dane has said recently.  He says stuff that has us laughing everyday, but I forget to write them down most of the time.  But, here are a few...


Dane-  "Daddy took me to Chick fil-a today to play."
Me- "oh really?"
Dane- "Yeah, and then I started being bad and I cried and then you know what I did? I FLIPPED OUT."
Me (laughing)- "what? why? you flipped out?"
Dane- "yeah I flipped out...because that's what I do sometimes, I flip out."
me (cracking up)
**Kevin confirmed later on that indeed Dane did FLIP OUT. 


Dane was playing with my phone when he got into something he knew he wasn't suppose to play in and said
 "I accidentally did that on purpose"


"Remember that time a really long time ago when I was just a little kid?"


I was talking to Dane about his day, and asking him questions about what all he had done that day.  He started getting annoyed I guess with me asking questions and in the most sarcastic tone he said
"Can YOU just be NOR-MAL???" 
and ended the sentence with a big sigh. 
Um... a look at how the teenager years may be.


Kevin and I were talking about the presidential candidates.  Dane was in the back seat half listening.  We started talking about JFK and yada yada yada
Kevin said something about when he died...
Dane busted in the conversation and said
"who died"
Kevin not really wanting to have to explain what we were talking about just said
"Oh, just this guy"
Dane not satisfied with the answer said
"what kind of guy?"
Then Kevin said to appease him
"oh, just this guy who was in charge of everything"
Dane then said 
"Who??? You mean GOD???"
We were left with an AHHHHH moment, and a little proud.


While we were at the airport waiting for our plane, I was holding Dane and he was being sweet putting his hands on my face and giving me kisses. Then he got real sad.
D- "AHHHHHHHHHH what happened????"
Me- "what??"
D- "OHHH my goodness Mommy, are you ok??"
Me- "What are you talking about?"
D- "you have holes in your ears.  Does it hurt?? what happened mommy??"(touching my ears where my earrings go)


Another airport story... we were at the food court and Kevin had walked away to go get us some food while we got a table and there was an Indian couple sitting at the table next to us. Imagine this convo with Dane using his loudest voice imaginable.
D- "You know those people are speaking Spanish?"
me- "SHH, no they are not" (feeling embarrassed)
D- "YES they are. Listen. 
See it's Spanish.  They are talking Spanish mommy. Why are they talking Spanish? What are they saying?  That's Spanish."
Me (freaking out)- " Dane, ok be quiet. They are speaking Indian, but let's not talk about it anymore. SHH. OK, I get it. I have no idea what they are saying. Oh my goodness Dane, quit saying that. Dane. Shh. OK, they are speaking Spanish, now be quiet"
He did not stop talking about it til the couple got up to leave. I was mortified.


Dane had just sat in time out for talking ugly... he was allowed to get up and not even 2 minutes had passed when he once again talked ugly to Kevin. 
So, Kevin picked him up and was heading back to the time out chair...
Dane puts his hand over his forehead
and says
"Oh, NOT A--GAIN" With a big sigh. 
Kevin had to look away to keep from laughing.  

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