Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fire Zone

Well, summer is over for my boys.  It's back to reality.  Kevin started back today, and Dane will go back to his school tomorrow.  They are both ready to get back into a routine.  Kevin gets bored after about 2 weeks of being off.  He has had his night classes that he teaches to keep him busy, but not working during the day he gets pretty restless after a little bit.  Dane is super excited to get back to his school.  He misses his friends, and misses all the activities he does there.  

So, today I was off work and decided Dane and I needed to have a fun day to kick off the new school year.  We started off the morning with a visit to Shipleys for some sprinkled donuts.  We had to take care of some back to school errands like hair cut and last minute clothes shopping for the little man.  Then we headed downtown to the fire house museum, and ended up staying there way longer than I had anticipated.  I had heard from friends that the museum was great for young kids. There is a kid zone in the museum that has a front end of a fire truck to play in, dress up clothes, a fire pole to slide down and a house to play in.  Dane LOVED it.  Absolutely loved it. We didn't spend too much time in the museum, Dane wasn't too interested in that part, but he loved the kid zone.  He is a great pretender, so this was right up his alley.  He loved the fireman outfit, and was really attached to wearing the gas mask.  He looked hilarious in it, but super cute at the same time.  We stayed longer than any other kid that came in there.  Dane was just having so much fun pretending he was a fireman and putting out fires that I let him stay way longer than I had planned.  He slid down the pole about 1000 times, and rescued so many cats and babies out of the burning house.  I couldn't understand why the cat kept going back to the burning building, and why there was a baby with no parents all alone in the house. Ha  He had a blast, and kept telling me that he loved this day.  I loved that he had so much fun. 
 Great way to end the summer!!

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