Sunday, August 26, 2012

Argentina vs Germany

Here's just a little of the footage Kevin got. He videoed the whole time, but I only used a small amount and made it into a few movies so it wouldn't take too long to upload. I wish I was able to upload the entire game, but we would all be twenty years older if waited for it to upload.

Sorry in advance for the annoying screaming you will hear.  :)  There are lots of games going on at the same time, so you will hear insane cheering and screaming from all over.  You could tell we are still a bit of a rookie when it comes to Saturday sports. We were amazed at how many people brought tents for shade, and had shirts made to match their team colors.  One of the parents on our team had a big tent that the kids were able to sit under while they waited their turn, thankfully.  It was very hot...thinking we need to bring an umbrella with us the next time. Dane is #2, incase you can't spot him.  Out of the 6 boys on the team 4 are blonde, and 1 is dirty blonde.  Kevin thought we should have been the Spain team. Ha

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