Saturday, August 18, 2012

Need a laugh??

The other night we were at Gringo's Mexican Restaurant having dinner.  They have a complimentary ice cream machine.
Dane was finished eating, so while we finished our meal he was given a very big ice cream cone.  
Fast forward about 10 minutes when we were leaving Kevin and I stopped by the ice cream machine, and Dane started asking for more ice cream.  We told him no that he had just had a lot of ice cream, and didn't need anymore. He started to whine a little, and it continued while we walked to our car.  He continued to ask and ask. We let him have a few more bites from ours, but didn't hand over our cones. 
We get Dane buckled into his seat, and Kevin is getting into his seatbelt when Dane says

"Um, Daddy I think you need to let me hold your ice cream cone.  You really need two hands on the wheel to drive".

We both looked at each other and cracked up. We had to applaud him for his effort and manipulation skills.  And then he was handed over the rest of the cone. We gave in to the 4 year old who thought he had outsmarted us.  HA

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