Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One last Summer Hurrah

 Dane and I had a relaxing day today.  Started off with some homemade canned cinnamon rolls, did some laundry, caught up on some recorded tv then spent a couple hours at the pool.  We had to get one more visit in since it will only be open for a couple more weeks.  
Dane spent the majority of the time practicing his latest skill he has learned... diving. He is still in the learning stage of diving, it's only been 2 weeks that it was introduced. He doesn't quite have the technique down yet, still belly flops about 3 out of 4 times.  But he loves trying and then swimming back to the side. Like LOVES it! 

At our last swimming lesson we were told Dane will be moved up to the next level at the end of the month because he has mastered all the skills in his current level.   I'm curious to see what all he will learn in the new class.  I think his title will be a swordfish, but I could be mistaken.  No words to describe how much the boy loves to swim.  He loves going to his lessons, and I can honestly say that Dane NEVER has any stubborn or strong willed moments when he is at swimming lessons.  It's the ONE thing he ALWAYS wants to do no matter the mood.  He can be hungry, cranky, or sleepy but gets in the water and he is just the happiest boy.  He smiles the entire time he is there, and listens and does EVERYTHING asked of him.  His swim teachers would be shocked if we told them he was one stubborn boy, because they have never seen that side of him, only a compliant little guy who is loving life in the water. If we could just have him live in water for everything else then life would be a piece of cake! Ha  
Sorry I went off on a tangent... 
Anyway, we hung out at the pool today.  Dane dived and dived and dived some more.  Wore that booger out, and he blessed this momma with a 3 hour nap!! It was perfect! 

And how Dane feels during adult swim...

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