Saturday, August 25, 2012

The game where Dane scores...

It's going to be all about soccer for a while.  We are now in full force with soccer games on Saturdays.  
I'm really liking this new league we are in... Fairfield Sports.  Things have just been so much more organized.  

With Dane's age group the games are done with 3 vs 3 kids, which is great.  It gives these 4 year olds more of a chance to get the ball then having 6 on each side.  So, 3 go in for about five minutes, then the other 3 switch out for the next five minutes.  It doesn't sound like a long time, but it's actually plenty of time for their attention spans.  Then they get to take a break before going back in.  Dane seemed to do really well with that.  Also, I think it really helps that Kevin isn't Dane's coach.  Dane is more likely to do everything he is told by the coach when it isn't his dad.  

The game went really well.  Dane had a great game, and even scored his 1st goal!! We were SO excited.  I wasn't expecting it at all, but was shocked and then really excited for him. It actually happened pretty quick into the game. He got several little runs afterwards with the ball, and had a couple close calls with getting the ball into the goal.  At this age they don't really focus on the score, they don't make a big deal out of who ends up winning. Really, you are just focusing on getting the kids to go the right direction with the ball. :) They want the kids to just have fun and want to play.  But... just for the record our team won.  HaHa  We have a couple little dudes on our team that are rock stars, and scored quite a bit.  Pretty cool to watch those two, they are really aggressive and are naturals.  

Dane was really cooperative and tried hard for most of the game.  I was proud of him, and he seemed to really be having fun. We bribed him with a surprise treat if he was good during his game.  Good meaning he gets out there and tries, listens to the coach, has a good attitude etc and not based on his soccer skills.  He only had one quarter (the last one) that he lost interest in playing, but even still was in a good mood but just quit trying to get the ball. I think by that point he was pretty hot and tired. So, we rewarded him with some yogurt from the new Orange Leaf yogurt store, and he got to pick toppings for it.  
Watching four year olds play soccer is hilarious.  They all herd together to get the ball, and even try to get the ball from their own teammates.  Pretty cute, but so entertaining.  
1st game was a success!! Dane had fun, played well and an added bonus Dane kicked the ball into the goal!! 
Team Pep Talk

Warming up

He was "frozen"... a game they play to warm up

Hilarious pose... he was getting "ready" for the other team to kick off 
Go Dane Go!

Look at that footwork lol

Dane's turn to do the side kick from out of bounds  (notice the ball change???)

Getting ready to say "Good Game"  "Good Game" 

4 year old soccer has to be the cutest thing ever!

Tunnel of fun!

Ready.. Huddle up

Video coming soon!

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