Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This and That

Dane doing some work at my job.  Kevin has his night class he teaches on Mondays.  He brings Dane to my job so he can head out to the opposite side of Houston.  This particular day I still had 30 minutes before I could leave, so Dane had to be entertained for a little while.  He was very busy calculating and writing very important things. 

Things have been a bit crazy busy around these parts. I've been one tired momma.  We have been slammed at work, and working extra shifts last week to help out a co-worker. On top of that we have been rushing here and there going to soccer practice and swim lessons and Kevin has been teaching a night class on the opposite side of Houston and the list just goes on and on.  I'm tired I tell you.  
Kevin and I got a very well needed break this past weekend.  Granny aka my madre came to the rescue, surprised me with a text while I was at work Friday saying she wanted to come get Dane for the weekend.  Um, yes please! You don't have to twist my arm or anything.  So, I did what any other normal person would do.  I ran to the bathroom and immediately texted Kevin to hurry up and pack Dane a bag.  Why the bathroom? Oh, you know. I work in a place that has more rules than the Duggars have children.  And, personal cell phone usage is one of the many things not allowed, well for the therapists. I'm surprised we are even allowed to breathe without asking permission first.  Anyway... Kevin packed up a bag and hit the road to go meet my mom to drop off the little man. 
My mom took Dane Friday and he didn't come back till Monday afternoon. I'd say that's a good break.  Kevin and I enjoyed our time alone.  There were many moments of "hmm... we have all this time what should we do".  

Dane was very excited that he was going to Granny and Poppy's house, and we weren't going with him. My mom sent me pictures throughout the weekend from her phone, and my phone was my camera for the weekend as well.

Dane got this new taxi car from my mom's New York City trip. He loved it, and was attached to it the entire wknd. It's very cute, the doors open and you can put people in it.  

We ended up seeing 2 movies while Dane was away, and breaking a record for how many times we ate out.   We enjoyed being able to have a conversation without being interrupted and not have to rush through dinner.  
The weekend got so crazy and wild that we ended up buying a air compressor for Kevin's truck, a tv stand for the play room, and a mattress.  Yep, we are such an old married couple!! Ha 

We did make a trip to the outlet mall and did a little clothes shopping as well.  The kind of shopping I really enjoy!

Saturday evening after dinner we went to a wine bar and had some wine before seeing another movie. 

Dane had so much fun while at Granny's and Poppy's, as usual.  He got to hang out with Lauren quite a bit.  He loves her so much, and follows her around the house.  Everything is "Warren this" and "Warren that"

Dane enjoyed swimming and practicing his "diving" that he has just started to learn how to do.  

Dane with his Poppy

And Granny

No trip to Granny's is complete without a visit to Target.  

We had a great weekend.  A much needed little break.  The house is so quite without Dane there, it's just nice occasionally to have some downtime with just Kevin and I. But, we did miss the booger.  When I saw him I told him I missed him.  He said "I missed you so much, but now Granny and Lauren misses me" Ha so funny!! 

This doesn't relate to the weekend but I'm so pumped!! 
Texas A&M will be playing Sam Houston this year in football!!!!!  I never thought this would ever happen since Sam is a much much much smaller school and not in A&M's conference. I'm super excited about this!!!!!  I just think it's really cool that Kevin's school will be playing my school, and I know it will be so much fun for us. We didn't waste anytime... we bought our tickets and will be there cheering on our teams!!! First time ever in the history of Kevin and Jayne that I will be rooting against our Aggies!! 
First time ever to root against the Aggies period... I've always been an Aggie fan. From the time I was little. You can even ask my mom if you don't believe me.  I still have an Aggie watch that plays the fight song that my mom got me when I was either in junior high or early high school.  Crazy huh. 
Anyway, I went to Sam and on November 17th I will be screaming
Eat Em Up Kats!!!!! Eat Em Up Kats! Eat Em Up Kats!! 
Spilt household... and you better believe I'll be wearing my blue and orange!  Can't wait!!!
(mom... can I go ahead and lock down a babysitting gig) :)

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