Wednesday, August 15, 2012

what is misery???


  [miz-uh-ree]  Show IPA
noun, plural mis·er·ies.
wretchedness of condition or circumstances.
distress or suffering caused by need, privation, or poverty.
great mental or emotional distress; extreme unhappiness.
a cause or source of distress.

I'll tell you what misery is...

Soccer practice.

Soccer practice in the middle of August.

Soccer practice in the middle of August in Houston.

Soccer practice in the middle of August in Houston on a field with no shade. 

That my friends is pure misery. 

Sweet Mercy it's so HOT.  So HOT I can barely make it through practice without passing out. I'm that mom who is constantly looking at their clock to see how much longer the practice will be. And praying that the coach will just call an end to the suffering. We are there for about 40 minutes on a good day, and we look like we just dove in a pool when we leave. Sweaty mess, I tell you.  Us parents are completely miserable while the boys don't seemed too bothered by the heat.  Fall... are you there?? If you want to come early we won't be disappointed.  This 100+ degree weather is unbearable. 

Next to the soccer field is a splash pad, which is genius if you ask me. I didn't come prepared but decided what the heck.  Dane was beat red and extremely sweaty and hot, so what better way to cool off than to get to run through cold water before going home.  If there wouldn't have been lots of people letting their kids do the same thing I might have acted like a kid myself and ran through the water.  Ha 
No swim suit and no towel equals getting soaked in your shorts, using your shirt as a towel and then riding home butt naked so you don't get your booster seat wet.  Good Times.  Just glad we didn't get pulled over because that could have been awkward.  

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Christy said...

I'll be honest. When I first saw the title of this post, I totally thought it was going to be about work. Lol!!!