Sunday, September 30, 2012

just another wknd

This weekend was spent indoors watching movies and doing house work.  The weather was yucky the entire wknd, so it gave us no excuse but to clean and do laundry and things around the house we have been putting off.  Friday night Kevin rented Shrek's Spooky Tales from the red box for Dane, and he has watched it about 17 times the last couple days.  Cute Halloween movie for those looking for a "spooky" movie for kids.

I just knew that our soccer game was going to be rained out since the forecast said rain all weekend.  But, Saturday morning I woke up to an email informing the parents that the games would continue on regardless if it was raining.  Only way they would be canceled was if it was lightening.  I have to admit that I was not excited about this.  I mean he is 4, and soccer games aren't important enough for him yet for us to have to sit out in the pouring rain.  Just saying.  It rained up in till about 45 minutes before game, stopped and didn't rain again til we got home. Huge sigh of relief.  We talked to some friends who has a son on another team with our league and their game was in the middle of a rain storm, they said it was miserable.  Thankful that was not us. Dane played a good 1st half of the game, got another goal and then decided he was done.  Guess he thought his mission was complete when scoring a goal.

Running to us to give us high fives after he scored his goal
He was a happy little guy.  So proud of himself.  I wish I got a picture of him scoring, and his reaction when he did.  He threw his hands in the air and screamed YES! very cute.  But, I didn't get it.
little pep talk from the coach.. trying to get him to stay focused.  Ha... good luck with that Coach!
I think the boys lining up to say good game is so cute. 
The part of the game that all the boys LOVE to do. 

This week was our turn to bring snacks for the team.  I was "that" mom who just couldn't throw capri suns into a cooler and call it a day.  I had to be "that" mom who searched and searched for cute soccer ball cups, just had to be different.  I found what I thought was soccer balls, and then was corrected that it was actually volleyballs.  So, I had to work my magic to make them into soccer balls. Several coats of a black sharpie, then a couple coats of clear nail polish on top to prevent smearing and they were complete. Have to say they turned out pretty cute.

Would you believe that I didn't get a single picture of the boys with their cute soccer ball cups.  So mad at myself.  I was so busy passing them out, then gathering up our stuff to leave that I forgot to get a picture of them.  They were a hit, though.  The boys loved them, which made me super happy.  I get pleasure out of doing cute things to get a smile.  Guess it's ok that I'm "that" mom.

We watched a lot of football this weekend! We watched the Aggies kill Arkansas.  Go AGGIES!! Hoping they continue to do ok this season.  We watched the Longhorn game, the Texans, and the Packers.  I think I hit my quota for the whole season.  Anyway, we hung out a lot this weekend.  Went to church this morning, and spent the rest of the day doing housework, listening to music and watching football and movies.  Low key wknd.  Hoping all this rain brings us some fall weather!! Ready to sport my new boots!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some things you should know about Dane...

I haven't done a tidbits about the little man in a long time. You know, just a post about everyday things.  I'll blame that on the fact that I really don't have much time during the week to do anything extra besides getting through traffic, dinner, spending time with my boys, bath and bed. And my day off during the week is spent trying to catch up on the chores and errands that need to be done each week.  So, my posts lately have just been weekend re-caps.  I don't take many pictures, if any, during the week because once I get off work quite frankly it's just survival mood.

Ok, so let's talk everyday talk about Dane.  Things you may not know from the weekend pics.  And let's take a look at the pictures in my cell phone.

He is a character.  I'm not sure if my pictures truly paint that picture.  They may. But, if you don't know him personally then you probably don't know exactly how much of a character he is.
A funny funny little character.
Will have you belly laughing kind of character.
 With a whole lot of little quirks.
Loves to jump off things, defeat bad guys, play hide and seek, and is all about star wars and super heroes.

He is the most strong willed and stubborn little person I have ever met.
If it isn't his idea, or it's not something he wants to do then good luck getting him to do what you want.
No amount of bribes, threats, pleads, punishments etc will work.
You will use up all the energy you have, before he will give in.
You have to let him do things on his own time.  Forcing him into things never works to your favor.

He is very affectionate.  Gets this from Kevin.
always wants to sit close and hold hands.
He tends to want to give hugs or kisses in times that he doesn't want to do things you want him to do.
If you are wanting him to take a bite of his dinner, or it's his turn to play in his soccer game etc then he wants to make sure everyone has hugs or kisses. Its something you love, but it will also drive you crazy.  It's a stalling technique that he loves to do.

Dane has a HUGE heart, and can be a little sensitive if he thinks you are upset with him.
I hope that he keeps this little trait when he gets older... something that will help with the ladies.
 He is a chatty little thing.
He will talk your ear off, and has a huge vocabulary.
Most of what he says will CRACK you up.  It will make you laugh hours later.

But, what comes with a lot of chatter comes with a LOT of questions.
Dane asks so many questions... every minute every hour every day.
But, with every question asked he is soaking in everything we say.
The little man is probably the most LITERAL person I have ever met.  It's hilarious.
If you call him dude, or buddy or anything besides his name, he will correct you and say that He isn't a dude. He is Dane.
Shy would not be a word to describe him. He will talk to anyone and everyone... but, only if he wants to.
We used to say he was a picky eater. But, we are finding out he isn't picky at all. It's all about rather he is being stubborn or not.  When he eats he will eat everything on his plate, but when he won't then it is a fight no matter the meal.
He eats so much more now... hamburgers, sloppy joes, tacos, pretty much every kind of meat, a lot more veggies, etc etc.  Dinner time has really gotten so much better lately.

Dane is a HUGE pretender.
  He plays so well by himself. Makes up crazy stories when playing with his toys.
You will always hear himself talking to his toys  He likes to do different voices for all his characters.

Legos is his newest obsession.
He will sit for hours building things he has created, or looking at instructions and building those things.
He loves lego men, spending so much time switching their heads, bodies, and accessories.
He always has a lego man in his hand.  And always ask if he can bring one in the car with us no matter where we go.
He is a people person, and loves loves loves to get the opportunity to hang out with friends his age.
He is a bit possessive when it comes to things he gets attached to.
So much that close friends will offer for him to take stuff home from their house after visiting just so he doesn't get upset.  I keep this from happening as much as I can, so he understands that he can't just keep everything he likes.
He is very silly, and is a giggler.

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Loves to say things just to get a reaction out of you.

Can be very sarcastic, which he gets honestly.
He gets extremely frustrated if you interrupt him while he is trying to tell you something.
Ironic because he is the worst interrupter there is.

He needs your full attention when he is talking to you.  A simple nod is never enough.  He wants you to repeat what he said.
I seriously think Dane's love language is "words of affirmation".
 He is always asking if you are happy, if he is being good, Are you his friend, look what I did, is that great etc etc.
Has no fear. I'm not sure there is anything at this point that he is afraid of.
he sleeps in pitch blackness, not afraid of people, monsters, scary movies, strangers, water, doing new things etc.
Can be a bit mischievous, but for the most part he is very predictable.
Just when you think you don't have to watch him 24/7 he will draw a big circle on your floor with a magic marker. yep. that just happened this past weekend.
He is a sweetheart who loves surprises, terrible at keeping secrets, can be a little feisty, likes to have company while watching cartoons, and never gets tired of eating peanut butter toast and chocolate milk.
He is a funny funny little guy.  

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Game, Gymnastics, & the Gonzalez Gang

It's our own little 4G network...
Kevin's cheesiness has rubbed off on me. Sorry. 

We had an eventful Saturday.  Started pretty early with Dane's soccer game.  I feel like when you have talked about one soccer game you have talked about them all.  Nothing too crazy happened except Dane scored another goal... but for the other team.  Pretty funny.  He was going in the right direction, and then with out warning just turned the ball the other direction and headed straight to the goal.  I'm still not convinced it wasn't on purpose.  He can be a little stinker sometimes, so I'm not sure.  Either way, he was happy he scored and of course we cheered while pointing to the goal he is suppose to kick the ball in.  

We went to a birthday party for Dane's friend Mason.  It was at a gymnastic place, and Dane had such a good time.  It was a really neat place that had a big playground, trampolines everywhere, foam pits to jump in, balance beams, and the whole works.  It was a fun party, Dane played so hard and didn't want to leave.  Each party had their own worker who organized different events for the kids.  By far one of the best parties Dane has ever been too.  He had such a blast, and loved getting to hang out with his buddies Mason and Dean.  

We ended our Saturday by hanging out with the Gonzalez gang, watching football, and enjoying some really good food.  Gabe's dad was in town and is a grill'n machine.  He grilled up some beef fajitas, chicken, polish sausage, and some shrimp which Kevin overdosed on.  Yummy.  While the boys were on the grill they rigged up a tv to watch football outside.  We ended up hanging out on the driveway for most of the evening.  Hilarious.  The kids were soooo cute.  They played so well together, and had so much fun.  Zach talked the younger two into playing school, and he actually got Dane and Sophie to sit quietly for quiet a long time while he "taught" their lesson.  It was a riot.  Dane showed a little glimpse of how he may be in school.  Every few minutes he would nicely say "Mr Teacher can we play in stations?" It was so funny.  Zach would tell him no, and Dane would say ok.  But, then a few minutes later ask the same question.  We really enjoyed the evening, we always have so much fun when we get together.  
Dane might have rode a princess bike.  Real Men like pink. And Princesses. And tassels. 
pics from my cell... so aren't too great
Great Saturday for the books.

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