Sunday, September 16, 2012

Do I know my lil man or Do I know my lil man?

When I got the email that this week's soccer game would include team pictures beforehand I knew that this week's game might not be Dane's best.  I had a feeling that by the time the game was to start that Dane would be over it. My little man is pretty predictable, and consistent.
My expectations were low, let's just say that.
We had to get to the field at 8:45 for pictures, and his game didn't start till 10:00.  The pictures went great, I'm thankful for a league that is organized and knows how to keep things running smoothly.  The parents weren't allowed to go with the team for their turn in pictures. Brilliant if you ask me.  Far less chaotic than last year.  So, I have no idea if Dane cooperated or not and smiled a real smile or gave his best fake one.  It will be a cute surprise I'm sure when the pictures come in. 
Pictures were over by about 9:15. So, we had 45 minutes before our game started.  All 6 boys were extremely hyper, and begging to play on the playground that is at the field.  Of course, all the parents and the coach felt the same way.  We knew they would wear themselves out and not want to play the game, but what can you do with six 4 year olds for 45 minutes??  
So, off they ran. And ran. And ran.  

Game time...
My prediction was right on.
All the kids were complaining that they wanted snacks, and their drinks, and all were hanging on their parents. Luckily, Kevin had stayed behind at the house while we did pictures to wait for my mom and niece to get in town, and was able to stop and grab him a little snack before it started. 
I knew it was going to be a doozie when the boys lined up to start a 10 minute practice before the game started.  
As you can see...
someone is not paying attention.

Determined Dane was not at the field, but his brother Silly Samuel was in attendance

The coaches did what they could to pump up the team.  They all seemed a bit tired, not their normal peppy selfs. 

Little dude was all about giving hugs, making funny faces, boxing, running as fast as he could in the wrong direction, being Buzz Light Year etc etc. 

When it was Dane's turn on the field his team was pretty much on their own.  

Now, Dane did have a few great moments in the game.  He got the ball several times and was able to do some really good breakthroughs and get close to the goal.  If the ball came to him he would take it and run with it, but playing hard wasn't really on the agenda Saturday.  

Dane was in his own little world. 

All about smiling and giggling

Then the binoculars came out, and it was game over...

How else can one see the ball?

The second half was spent with us saying over and over pay attention, listen to your coach, go get the ball, pay attention, dude you are killing me...things like that. Ha

I think we were all relieved when the game was over.  
Dane was beyond pumped when he saw what the after game snack was.  Best part of the game, I believe

I could have bet money on how this game was going to go...
I need to teach my little man on how to not be so predictable. Ha

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