Sunday, September 23, 2012

Game, Gymnastics, & the Gonzalez Gang

It's our own little 4G network...
Kevin's cheesiness has rubbed off on me. Sorry. 

We had an eventful Saturday.  Started pretty early with Dane's soccer game.  I feel like when you have talked about one soccer game you have talked about them all.  Nothing too crazy happened except Dane scored another goal... but for the other team.  Pretty funny.  He was going in the right direction, and then with out warning just turned the ball the other direction and headed straight to the goal.  I'm still not convinced it wasn't on purpose.  He can be a little stinker sometimes, so I'm not sure.  Either way, he was happy he scored and of course we cheered while pointing to the goal he is suppose to kick the ball in.  

We went to a birthday party for Dane's friend Mason.  It was at a gymnastic place, and Dane had such a good time.  It was a really neat place that had a big playground, trampolines everywhere, foam pits to jump in, balance beams, and the whole works.  It was a fun party, Dane played so hard and didn't want to leave.  Each party had their own worker who organized different events for the kids.  By far one of the best parties Dane has ever been too.  He had such a blast, and loved getting to hang out with his buddies Mason and Dean.  

We ended our Saturday by hanging out with the Gonzalez gang, watching football, and enjoying some really good food.  Gabe's dad was in town and is a grill'n machine.  He grilled up some beef fajitas, chicken, polish sausage, and some shrimp which Kevin overdosed on.  Yummy.  While the boys were on the grill they rigged up a tv to watch football outside.  We ended up hanging out on the driveway for most of the evening.  Hilarious.  The kids were soooo cute.  They played so well together, and had so much fun.  Zach talked the younger two into playing school, and he actually got Dane and Sophie to sit quietly for quiet a long time while he "taught" their lesson.  It was a riot.  Dane showed a little glimpse of how he may be in school.  Every few minutes he would nicely say "Mr Teacher can we play in stations?" It was so funny.  Zach would tell him no, and Dane would say ok.  But, then a few minutes later ask the same question.  We really enjoyed the evening, we always have so much fun when we get together.  
Dane might have rode a princess bike.  Real Men like pink. And Princesses. And tassels. 
pics from my cell... so aren't too great
Great Saturday for the books.

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