Monday, September 10, 2012

If you really knew me

Well, the house is quiet.  I'm laying in the bed playing on the computer waiting patiently for my show to start.  Kevin is upstairs taking care of some work.  I'm enjoying a glass of wine, and quite frankly enjoying the silence. 
It's so quiet because, well...
someone had to go to bed at 6 tonight. 
Not saying any names or anything, but someone is in trouble because they had a REALLY bad day at school today.  They didn't listen at all today to their teachers, didn't eat much lunch, didn't take a nap, and was sitting in time out when Kevin arrived to pick them up today. And you would think getting caught in trouble at school would make you want to start being good. But, nope not today.  Not saying any names, but this particular person had to sit in time out when he got home until dinner was ready.  And he didn't really seemed too bothered by the fact that he wasn't allowed to play with his toys or watch tv.  In fact, he seemed to be enjoying time out quite a bit.  So, once dinner was ready he ate and then was sent straight to bed.  A couple hours early.  Yep...
So that person who normally goes to bed around 8 or 8:30 was in his bed at 6.  Womp Womp.

But, you know what... he has been completely quiet in there, so I guess he was really tired.

So... I'm going to do an 
"About Me" post.

I've done a post like this before, but I saw an old friend do this today on her blog, so I'm going to copy her and do it again.  I love reading random facts about people. And I love personality type quizzes and things like that.  So, let's get this started.


**that I was in a sorority in college... Chi Omega... and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had
** and that my closest closest closest best girlfriends are my girls from Chi O 

**that I love me some Casa Ole queso dip
(even though Kevin thinks it's microwaved Mexican food... something about it... I just love it)

**that I'm a SUCKER for reality tv... love love love

**that I am a white wine drinker. any kind of white is good.

**that I'm an ugly crier
(like blood shot swollen eyes, flushed face, can't breathe, big huge alligator way to recover kind of crier, which is why I HATE for people to see me cry)

**that I'm a meat and cheese only girl
(tacos, sandwiches, burgers and pasta all meat and cheese only)

**that I worked the entire time while I was in college.  The majority of my college career I was a waitress at a Mexican restaurant (which was so much fun by the way) with a couple other jobs thrown in the mix

**that I am a paranoid person  (I can't help it!!!)
I get super paranoid if I see that someone is looking at me for too long,  if I'm at home by myself, if people are whispering etc etc

** that probably one of my best qualities is if I'm tooting my own horn is that I try REALLY REALLY hard to always be present at important functions. I go out of my way and put in major effort to attend everything I'm invited to or that is a special occasion for friends and families.   Girl events, birthday parties, family celebrations, showers etc etc I make a lot of effort to be there.

**that I dated a guy the first year of college that actually called me 42 times in a 2 hour span. I'm not exaggerating.  I'm really not.  Um... psycho, and there was proof on my purple caller id box. 

**and that this guy still gets made fun talked about with my girlfriends.  and just for the record it's not anyone that anyone knows... unless you were with us at Sam. And then... Ha you know

**that I'm desperate to have a new beginning in my job/city

**that one of my biggest pet peeves is when people are flaky.  drives me crazy. 

**that on a good night I only get maybe 5 hours of sleep
exhausted everyday every night

**that refried beans are probably the worst thing ever... to eat or even to see. If they are on my plate the food gets sent back. I just can't handle the refried beans. Reminds me of cat food.

**that I have a thing for "boy" names for girls

**that I love birthdays.  And I tend to obsess over the little details of the parties and gifts that are given because I really want people to enjoy their day and feel special.  

There you have it!!!
I got distracted while writing this blog because of the Bachelor Pad finale... did anyone watch that craziness??? Ok, so 3 hours later I'm finally done with this stupid post and can put the computer down and hit the sack. 
Good Night

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Christy said...

I like posts like this too! Ha! And I did watch the finale... I meant to ask you about it!! Crazy!!