Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Q and A with the little man...

How old are you? 4 1/2
What is your favorite color? blue. you know blue starts with the letter R
No. Blue starts with B
Actually it doesn't start with that letter. I think it starts with R
um no it's B... moving on

What makes you laugh? when someone beees silly
What makes you cry? when you take my stuff away and spank me

Who is your best friend? Sophia

Who do you want to marry when you get big? you (turned me to mush)
What do you like to do with your family? give em hugs and kisses

What is your favorite book? Curious George
What do you think about before going to sleep? um, um I think about Sophia then those monsters in my movie.

Favorite kind of music? uh, I like songs about Batman
What are you really good at? um when I clean up

What are you not so good at? I not so good at taking showers. Because I not big enough yet
If you had a lot of money what would you buy? the same thing. it's big and has people. you know that lego police thing. So if Gran keeps sending me money I can do that.

What does it mean to be a good friend? be nice to people
Tell me something really funny if spiderman catches daddy with his web and I take off Spider Man's mask that would be so funny. you know that?

Favorite thing to do with your daddy? brush our teeth before we go to my school wow that seems exciting.  yep
Favorite thing to do with your mommy? walking in the park

What is your favorite food? apples, no not apples. I mean fruit
Fruit is your favorite food? and vegetables. I like everything all food. (YEAH RIGHT!!!! BOGUS)

What is your favorite thing to wear? popeye the sailor man
Favorite thing to do at school? my letters and write my name. and build stuff.
Do you like your teacher? Is she nice? um hmm. she say HIIII Dane.  
Are you good for your teachers at school? yess----sssss. when she say line up I say ok

What do you want to be when you grow up? my daddy
What is your favorite tv show? Nijago (lego show)

What is your favorite animal? I like giraffes, yep I do
What is your favorite treat? suckers

What is one thing that makes our family special? God
What is your favorite toy? Buzz Light Year
Not legos? I like every toy
You never play with Buzz anymore yes yes I do. 

Who is your favorite super hero? Batman

What is your favorite thing to do? go get legos at store
when is your birthday? January 31st. it's not today, mommy. 

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