Sunday, September 2, 2012

The day we drove all the way to Kemah for absolutely nothing...

Well, Saturday was a flop. 
A Major flop in the fun department.  A big waste of a family day along with gas, money, time etc. 
We decided to get out of the house and go spend the day at the Kemah Boardwalk.  It had been a long time since we had been there, and we really just wanted something to do.  The Cypress area along with all of the Houston area had nothing to offer. No surprise there.  Have I mentioned that we are so sick of living in this city.  Anyway, we decided on Kemah.

When looking for things to do we saw that Seabrook, which is right down the street from Kemah, was having an Aloha festival that sounded very close to the Luau that we went to in Hawaii many many years ago.
There was suppose to be hawaiian food, hula dancers, a fire show, leis etc.  So, we had planned on stopping by there and then ending the day at the Kemah boardwalk.
Let's just say that this big ol Aloha festival was more like a Hawaiian white trash get together at a local park with everyone wearing Hawaiian shirts.  We literally walked in, and walked straight back to the car.
We thought well, we tried to do something different... but, there's always Kemah.

We arrived at Kemah with big hopes of having a fun day.  We were starving by this point and planned on eating a good lunch at one of the restaurants there, let Dane ride a couple of rides and have some water fun at the splash pad, listen to some music that was going to be played, walk around at all the little cute shops that are on the street leading in etc.  We should have known what was in store for the day when we sat down to eat and ended up getting the most creepiest waiter.  One that was a bit of a stage 3 clinger, and would hang out at our table for long periods of time.  I'm talking awkward amounts of time.  And not only did he feel comfortable enough to stand and stare at us even when we would ignore him and continue to have a conversation, he basically would stand on top of Kevin's lap.  AWKWARD!  
Then the real fun begun...or lack of

I had talked Dane up on the big swings... I got him super pumped at how high the swings go and yada yada yada.  And of course, we get to the window and that is the ride that Kemah has decided to be doing maintenance on that day.  Fail. 
So, we buy tickets for other rides. Of course, Dane was really excited. Dane and Kevin ride one ride.  One.
As Dane is getting buckled into the 2nd ride the sky opens up and it begins sprinkling.  The girl running the ride says they can still ride since it isn't thundering or lightening. It's not raining too bad at this point, so I assumed he could ride without getting that wet.   I take a sprint to the nearest covered area so my camera doesn't get wet, and Kevin offers to stand in the rain so Dane can do it.  Such a good dad.
By the time I get to the covered area it begins monsooning.  Insane amount of rain.  And Kevin is having to stand in it to wait to get Dane out of the little airplane.  They were soaked when they got back to me. 
We stood under the cover hoping it would pass.  It NEVER let up.  And we were really kind of trapped there. Our car was not close at all, so we just waited. And waited. And waited some more.  Over an hour and a margarita later, we decided to just head back home.  The rain was not stopping, and quite frankly I was tired of being there.  I was done.  Dane was done. We were all done.
I think I need to give Kevin some credit here... he took one for the Wittschen team.  He ran to the parking garage in the pouring down rain barefoot to get our car, while Dane and I stayed under the cover and were dry.  Why was Kevin barefoot?? Well, bc he was wearing flip flops and couldn't run in them in the rain.  Duh. 
 They offer no rain checks, and you can't use the tickets for rides for other days. Just a waste.  Blah!
And of course when we make our way back to Houston and Cypress area it was gorgeous outside.  Blue skies no clouds sun a shining. So typical. 

So, that's the day we drove all the way to Kemah...and had ourselves just a grand ol time

and for the record... because I feel the need to justify.  I know that Dane's outfit was off.  His shirt looked bad with the shorts he was wearing.  But, when I realized that it looked odd Dane was already dead set on the shirt, and it was a battle that we didn't feel like dealing with.  So, I had to let it go.  Ha


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