Sunday, September 9, 2012

When we took on Italy

Game 2 of Dane's soccer season was a success.  He played well, and had a great time with his team.  Even got another goal! He seems to be understanding more of the game this year, and is playing better as well.  He isn't the most aggressive when it comes to fighting for the ball like some of the players, but when he gets the ball he manages to break away and dribbles pretty good.  
Dane is pretty funny when he is playing because he can go from running really hard and trying to get the ball one minute to being distracted and silly the next. He definitely keeps the coach on his toes, and is probably the teammate who is the most chatty. Little man has a big personality, and it shows during the game. Strong willed and stubborn but has a huge zest for life, and doesn't take it too seriously. It all comes out during the games.  Makes us laugh!  He cracks me up sometimes he will be running real hard but not looking where the ball is or he is watching his shadow, then turns around to see he has past up everyone including the ball.  Hilarious.
 The games have been fun so far, despite how hot it is.  All the parents cheer for all the boys, and the coach does a great job at making sure everyone gets same amount of time on the field, and equal opportunities to shine.
Go Argentina!
Another small clip of the game, and of course an overload of pictures

Dane's teammate, Ryan giving him a high five when he scored his goal. Soooo stinking cute

Kevin running with the little man back from the bathroom trees for a quick potty break during the game.

Big cheer section for Dane this week

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